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“Are We Enlightened Yet”

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ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
Guest Writer from Grieve The Astronaut

"Are We Enlightened Yet?"

(new album by Cyrstal Monkey Project)

Well hey, music fans? How are you doing? Geeze, what a crazy, upside-down time it has been. Being separated from each other and missing the connections.

Isn’t it WONDERFUL to be back? 

However, I think we have a lot of emotional baggage to process over.

Crystal Monkey Project’s new album “Are We Enlightened Yet” is perfect for that processing.

Within the first few lyrics of listening to “The World Keeps Changing “, I realized I  was in for a completely different experience. It was like Chris Klimecky had gone into my brain and pulled out every thought that was roaming around from this insanity we’ve all been experiencing. A definite Soul to Soul Experience. 

I didn’t need to look into his eyes to connect. Somehow, he had already looked into my soul and made that connection. To hear my personal thoughts put into music, was quite phenomenal.

Every time I would open a song, I would read the title and think, “Well, of course! This is something else I’ve felt and thought.” And it continued on for one, beautiful hour.

It was such a wonderful experience to realize I wasn’t alone in this crazy world. 

I’m not alone. You’re not alone. We’re not alone.

“Are We Enlightened Yet”, is an album you listen to, when your weary brain needs a break. You really want to give full attention to the lyrics, to hear the story. So , automatically all of the busy thoughts are turned off. The inner voice conversations cease. You just listen, focus and reflect. Find peace.

The instrumentals, Mark Crouter bass , Rob Pearsall drums, Chris Klimecky guitar, smoothly carry along the vocals on its musical journey. In both Rock and Folk Ballad genre.  I heard so many different influences. I loved how the musical style  would change to fit the  lyrical intent. The music definitely emulated the emotions that were being expressed.

“Are We Enlightened Yet” , is a Spiritual Sermon for The Life that we’re currently experiencing. A Musical Avenue for spoken words.

Because let’s be honest. We’re all exhausted, confused and searching.

If you’re a reflective person like myself, I would recommend having a journaling tool handy while listening. Write down your thoughts and emotions , when they’re freshly pulled out with the music. So you can remember and reflect afterwards. It’s a very thought provoking album.

Listening to Crystal Monkey Project’s “ Are We Enlightened Yet”, was pure therapy to my soul. I HAD to listen to the lyrics, so my busy brain got to rest from constantly processing of life. I am SO appreciative when a musician can create that experience for me.

I’m not alone in this crazy world.

Other people think like me, too.

There IS hope out there.

We just need to listen.



Crystal Monkey Project “Are We Enlightened Yet?”

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    World Keeps Changing

    Crystal Monkey Project

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      World Keeps Changing Crystal Monkey Project

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    Forgive Yourself

    Crystal Monkey Project

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      Forgive Yourself Crystal Monkey Project

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    Send a Spark

    Crystal Monkey Project

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      Send a Spark Crystal Monkey Project

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