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SWR Music Submission Information

*You must be a “Seattle / Tacoma / Greater Seattle Metro Area / Pacific Northwest” artist.*
(or have a PNW connection)

Thank you for inquiring about how to get your music played on Seattle Wave Radio. We hand pick the artists who are part of Seattle Wave Radio. We’re always listening to new music. At Seattle Wave Radio, we endeavor to support the music of Indie artists of Seattle/Tacoma and the greater Pacific Northwest region – those artists who write, record, and promote their own music independently of major record labels. We consider it a real honor to provide an online radio stream where the music and the life stories of Indie Artists can be heard locally and globally. To help us further that goal, we invite Indie artists to submit their music for possible play on our station. There are some criteria, and ultimately we will decide if your music fits our format and criteria closely enough to make it on the air. Please understand, though, that we do not judge your music and if you are not selected for airplay on Seattle Wave Radio, it doesn’t mean we don’t like your music – we love all music! But we do have requirments we closely follow. We will bend and work with you as best we can to get you on the air if at all possible.

**PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OR YOUR SUBMISSION MAY BE DISREGARDED** It is important for the guidelines listed below to be followed. These guidelines are designed to quickly get your music on the air and maintain accuracy, not to be a burden.

Here are the guidelines….


+  MP3’s or WAV only!  < No! ~ WMA, MP2, OGG, M4A, ACC> 

+  Please name each audio file submitted as “Artist Name – Song Title”.mp3

+  If at all possible, each song submitted is encoded in mp3 format at 128-kbps. (Our station streams at 128-kbps and does not require higher bitrates. Higher bitrates use valuable disk space.)

+  The song is a clean version (if possible). If the song contains vulgar language by FCC standards, then make sure to mark the song as “dirty” or “unedited” or “explicit”. Such songs may qualify for late-night programming. 

+  Fill out the ID3 tag on the mp3 (where you put the song name, artist name, album name, year, genre, album cover art, etc.). If you don’t know how to do this, please include the band name, album name, and track-listing for the songs, within your e-mail, or in the zip folder, or in the Dropbox folder.

+ Include a high resolution .jpg of the album cover artwork.

+ Please list the genre(s) of your music style.

+  When you send your songs to us via e-mail, be sure to send us up to 3 songs as an attachment. If you have more than 3 songs to send to us, please send multiple e-mail messages. However, the preferred method is to send us a Dropbox link.

+  Please include a short bio

+  To send via e-mail, attach them and send them to

+  If you are using Dropbox or another FTP download service, please notify me with an email to with the link.

+  You will need to download, read, sign, and return the Direct License Agreement (link is provided below) with your music submission

Download the Direct License Agreement using the Button below.
Please read, then sign the document,
and return it as an attachment along with your music submission(s) attachment(s)

** Please note: We are not obligated to place your music on our station. We are not obligated to return any correspondence. We reserve the right to reject any music not meeting our submission/editorial standards. If you feel that our submission guidelines are too stringent, you agree to not submit music to our station. You agree that you are a legally authorized representative of the band/artist’s music that you are submitting and that you have permission to submit music on behalf of the band/artist. By submitting music to our station you grant us permission to broadcast your music through our Seattle Wave Radio internet radio. You also agree that submitted music is not restricted to be broadcast in the USA and internationally.

** By submitting music for consideration to Seattle Wave Radio, and in exchange for any publicity and promotion, you grant Seattle Wave Radio royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual right and license throughout the world to broadcast and transmit your music on all SWR channels; including, but not limited to any live or recorded podcasts.

Mark, Linda, and our whole team


FOOTNOTECreate a Station ID:

Yes, you can be a bigger part of Seattle Wave Radio. We invite musicians to do some of our station ID’s. Just send us an MP3 file of you saying “This is [your name]  from [your band name] and you’re listening to Seattle Wave Radio!” and we’ll add you to the rotation and broadcast you across the globe. Send your ‘drop’ to and we’ll make you famous! Well, maybe not, but we’ll put you on the air!


Seattle Wave Radio is about discovery for music enthusiasts, locally and globally, and about the music community of emerging artists who call Seattle (or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest) home. The essence of Seattle Wave Radio is in our passion for supporting, promoting and helping artists in any way that is possible for us. We appreciate your support!

Seattle Wave Radio is a Music entertainment website and a curated internet radio station. Every artist can submit their music for possible inclusion on the stations’ playlist and website. SWR operates fully in compliance with US Copyright law, and all music performed is duly licensed by the copyright holder or their authorized agent.