About Us


Seattle Wave Radio is about discovery for music enthusiasts, locally and globally, about the music community of emerging artists who call Seattle, or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, home. The essence of Seattle Wave Radio is in our passion for supporting, promoting and helping artists in any way that is possible for us. We appreciate your support!

Linda, Mark, Joseph, and our whole Team


Why We Do This

We have a passion for the very diverse, innovative, and great music of the Pacific Northwest. We want to support these artists that create the “Northwest sound” by helping them grow their audience and, hopefully, in some small way build their careers.

A Few Highlights

~ Partnerships with Raymond Hayden, Hard Rock Cafe Seattle, Music Aid Northwest, Utopia Media Entertainment, Songwriters in Seattle, London Tone Music, and London Bridge Studio.

~ Promote and support worthy charities like Music Aid Northwest

~ Recognized as an organization that is helping to build a stronger Seattle emerging artist community and music scene by supporting, promoting, and opening career opportunities for independent artists

~ Creators and Producer of the annual band competition event: Jammin’ Challenge

~ And, of course, stream the music of these artists to a worldwide audience on 7 separate channels

All of this made possible by the passion and dedication of the SWR Volunteer Team!