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The Information Game

Strangely Alright Eclectic Psychedelic Minstrel Magic Music Show. Strangely Alright are sonic time-travelers. They paint paisley patterned pictures that shimmer with the 60’s mercurial blend of darkness and innocence, they mesh psychedelia and pop melodies together, they run rock muscle through the most danceable of tunes and they are the perfect blend of past and present. Their reference points, early Floyd’s whimsy, later Beatles experimentalism, Bolan-esque strut, as well as […]

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The Whole Bolivian Army


The Whole Bolivian Army This is "Lift," the final track from our new album. The lyrics were inspired by the story of Peggy Jahn, who survived COVID-19 despite spending 25 days on a ventilator. Peggy, from Marysville, WA, told the Everett Herald that countless people were responsible for keeping her alive during her 42 days in the hospital, from doctors and nurses to the laundry staff. In another interview, she […]

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Antonioni – “Mouth Breather”

Stream "Mouth Breather": Pre-Order "Brute Amused Shout": "Mouth Breather" is the first song from Antonioni's upcoming album "Brute Amused Shout," out March 26th, 2021. Filmed and edited by Kyle Todaro Lyrics: where should i begin? i’m playing in slow - motion ‘cause i’m a backwards thinking, oh mouthbreathing witch with such bad potion the finish line’s behind me i ain’t lost but you can’t find me ‘cause i’m […]

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