The Roaring Whisper – All In My Head

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    All In My Head

    The Roaring Whisper

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      All In My Head The Roaring Whisper

About the song
With a driving bass that walks the song, vocals and, guitars that allude to the emotions poured into the music, and a dueling guitar solo, “All in My Head” metaphorically explores the spiraling self-doubt and anxiety that simultaneously stems from and eventually feeds into the demise of a relationship. 
About the band
Living on opposite sides of the U.S., Dianne and Clyde met on the somewhat unlikely platform of YouTube in 2009. Through their shared love of Weezer, they bonded, became pen pals of sorts via email, and eventually began writing music together, tentatively sending lyrical and musical fragments written in the safe confines of their bedrooms – material they’d never shared with anyone else before – back and forth. Bearing their souls to virtual strangers who soon felt more like creative soulmates, they expanded on each other’s ideas… and never really stopped. Some of these early songs, “All in My Head” and “Don’t Borrow Trouble,” fittingly bookend their debut EP.
Clyde and Dianne only met in person once in 2015 but considered themselves to be best friends and songwriting soulmates years before the duo’s moniker, The Roaring Whisper, came into existence. “Like I Mean It,” then, serves not only as of the culmination of over a decade’s worth of friendship and collaboration but also as an expression of all the things they, at one point in their lives, struggled to say out loud. Exploring universal themes of love, heartbreak, loneliness, self-doubt, regret, anxiety, and ultimately hope, the lyrics are paired with more upbeat pop/rock sensibilities, which aim to reassure the listener – through a myriad of catchy melodies, soothing vocal harmonies, and intricate, crunchy guitar solos – that even (and especially) when it doesn’t feel like it, everything is going to be okay.


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