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Country Music – Alive and Well in Tacoma

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SHOW REVIEW by Todd Hobert
Seattle Wave Radio Guest – Photographer/Writer

Country Music is Alive and Well in Tacoma

@Spanish Ballroom

On a balmy Friday evening, the Spanish Ballroom in Tacoma came alive with the soulful melodies of three remarkable Country acts: Saltwater Sky, Santa Poco, and Leah Justine.

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Three great bands in one of the best venues in the south sound. The Spanish Ballroom is not just a concert venue but a destination all it’s own. There is a restaurants, pubs, billiards and pinball. Get to your show early or come on an off night just for fun.

Lea Justine came out of the gates to start the show. This Tacoma firecracker is a ball of energy with a huge powerful voice. She brings her own brand of country rock. Leah owned the spotlight. With her hits, “Run Home, Cornbread, and If I Was a Man” and many covers, she moved seamlessly through a hard-hitting huge rock voice and subtle ballads with ease. Leah has the ability to connect with an audience in a way that makes everyone think that she is singing directly to them… and maybe she is.

Santa Poco Their old-school country sound is reminiscent of Western Texas to Bakersfield. People call it “Old School” but I call it country the way it should be. Lead singer Andy Shofner has a voice that is tailor-made for the genre and Pat McHenery’s Steel Guitar drives it home. It is no surprise that the crowd moved aside for the shufflers and two steppers as they danced to the music that was perfectly fit for it. If you ever wanted a simpler time with music that was just at home in a bar as it is around a campfire, Santa Poco is calling your name.

Saltwater Sky wrapped it all, and they wasted no time in making their mark on the night.  Led by the talented Scott Heuston, this band has been making its way across the Pacific Northwest since 2019.  In this relatively short time, they have acquired quite a following  Their bluesy country rock style walked over by Erica Flom’s flowing fiddle really hit the spot for those wanting to go home on a high. Their recent releases, including “A Thousand Times” and “Stumbling Home,” resonated deeply with audiences.

The Spanish Ballroom had witnessed a symphony of talent. Three acts, three distinct flavors, and one unforgettable night. Whether you were swaying to the coastal breeze with Saltwater Sky, two-stepping with Santa Poco, or falling under Leah Justine’s spell, this concert left an indelible mark.

So, if you find yourself near Tacoma, keep an eye out for the next musical rendezvous at the Spanish Ballroom. You won’t want to miss it.

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Written by: Mark Gordon

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