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Houston was created to give the listener the feeling that they are sitting in the same room with our guests and part of the conversation. The muse behind our show is based on the fact that our world is in a chaotic state and hope seems to be slipping for the artists. Our goal is to inspire artists to rise above the noise and prosper…and realize that hope DOES exist!

…in a world filled with chaos, where the dreamers struggle to find their way, there is a light…in an industry riddled with sacrifice and self-doubt, there is a voice…at a time when we need one another more than ever, there is hope.


Houston Episode #32 with guest Travis and Jennifer of the “Travis Larson Band”

Episode #32 (Season 2)featuring   Travis Larson BandTravis Larson Band songs from their Anicca album featured in this episode are (in order):- Autopilot- Anicca- PastimeThe Travis Larson Band is a dynamic instrumental rock/fusion band out of San Luis Obispo, California. Consisting of Travis Larson on guitar, Jennifer Young on bass and Dale Moon on drums. TLB Biography "The soulful fury of this talented three-piece, the Travis Larson Band, washes the stink of […]

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Houston Episode #31 with guest Don Ellis Gatlin

Episode #31 (Season 2) featuring   Don Ellis Gatlin Don Gatlin's songs featured in this episode: - I Won't Forget - People In Heaven Singer/songwriter Don Gatlin grew up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and he and his brother, Darryl, played at the Ponderosa Park in Ellsworth as teens. They recorded their first album in the early 1980s in Nashville after finishing second in a nationwide Seagram’s 7 Battle of the Bands. Don […]

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Houston Episode #29 with guest Mic Michaeli – EUROPE

**If the podcast does not start after clicking the play button, (about 10 seconds) then click on “Play in new window” link above. Episode #29 (Season 2) featuring   Mic Michaeli - EUROPE EUROPE's songs featured in this episode (in order): - Final Countdown - Carrie - Turn To Dust Originally a progressive rock group, Europe reworked their sound into bombastic yet melodic pop-metal in the 80's and the rest is history […]

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Houston Episode #28 with guest Lau Højen – Carpark North

Episode #28 (Season 2) featuring   Lau Højen - Carpark North In this episode's starting intro are sound bites from (in order): - Jean-Michael Jerre_La Cage_1969_French electronic music composer - Stewart Copeland_drum solo - Peter Gabriel_Sledgehammer - AC/DC_Back in Black Carpark North's songs featured in this episode (in order): - More - Transparent & Glasslike - Moments Powerful, melodic, creative electro rock with sound scapes you can't forget. The first notes by […]

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Houston Episode #27 with guest Chris Jones Band

Episode #27 (Season 2) featuring   Chris Jones (Chris Jones Band) In this episode’s intro, we do a mashup of clips from Chuck Berry, Sammy Hagar, and Motley Crue. I am sure you’ll recognize those songs. Also, enjoy some music from Stars Wars during the episode (check-out the final minute of podcast, and listen for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” ! This Thunderous Trio have masterfully composed the sounds from the Alternative Grunge […]

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Houston Episode #26 with guest Robert Henry

Episode #26 (Season 2) featuring   Robert Henry In this episode’s intro, the first clip is from TESTAMENT – “Children Of The Next Level”, and the 2nd clip is in memory of Charlie Pride – “Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger” From Ft. Smith, Arkansas…Evan Hutchings Started Playing Drums At Age 2 And Got His First Drum Set At 8. Now, Evan Is An In-Demand Session Drummer/Producer In Nashville In May of […]

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