Mark and Linda


Passion Brought Us Here!

Hello All – Mark and Linda here with an important message for the people and fans in the music community, local and at large.

Eleven years ago, Seattle Wave Radio went online and has grown organically from 0 listeners to a vital local and global audience. Our personal mission is to support Pacific Northwest musicians by creating a 24/7 multi-channel digital streaming platform, which is atypical in the industry. Seattle Wave Radio’s music library includes artists, of every kind of genre. From those who are just beginning their careers to Grammy winners and to former “VOICE” competitors,  to summer music camp teenagers, and a plethora of artists in-between. SWR is involved with educational/mentorship programs like Music Aid Northwest, Make Music Seattle, and Live It OutLoud.

It’s our passion, and we want to keep sharing that passion with every entirely new generation of folks who are music lovers on a global scale.

Seattle Wave Radio is the very epitome of “mom and pops” entrepreneurs who have weathered other local music-streaming start-ups, survived a few minor cyber attacks, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Favourite Quote

“You have to, take a deep breath and allow the music to flow through you. Revel in it, allow yourself to awe. When you play, allow the music to break your heart with its beauty.”
– Kelly White

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Seattle Wave Radio is about discovery for music enthusiasts, locally and globally, and about the music community of emerging artists who call Seattle (or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest) home. The essence of Seattle Wave Radio is in our passion for supporting, promoting and helping artists in any way that is possible for us. We appreciate your support!

Seattle Wave Radio is a Music entertainment website and a curated internet radio station. Every artist can submit their music for possible inclusion on the stations’ playlist and website. SWR operates fully in compliance with US Copyright law, and all music performed is duly licensed by the copyright holder or their authorized agent.