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“Good Fight” (single release)

ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland Guest Writer from Grieve The Astronaut "Good Fight" (single release by LIMBERLOST) Once again Puyallup WA band LIMBERLOST MUSIC, went in for the very real and honest truth, in what we’re experiencing in our world, with their newly released GOOD FIGHT music video. It’s like watching your emotions being sung and displayed onscreen. They don’t hold back The Truth. LIMBERLOST MUSIC has entered into a brand new […]

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Album Review


ALBUM REVIEW by Raymond Hayden Guest Writer - Grieve The Astronaut / HOUSTON / Strangely Alright "Dreaming" (album by Obol) Entrenched in the music industry for well over three decades, I’ve been asked numerous times to review new music and provide feedback. At some point, the monotony of the cookie cutter approach to new music has become nauseating. Its not to say that there isn’t some great new music being produced […]

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Album Review


ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-NewlandGuest Writer from Grieve The Astronaut "SHINE" (Album by CHAMPAGNE SUNDAY) This past weekend, The Music led me exactly to where I needed to be. Sigillo Cellars in Snoqualmie WA. Married Tacoma duo CHAMPAGNE SUNDAY ( Jessi and Jared Fredeen) were performing. Although I had heard wonderful reviews of their music, I had never experienced it personally. So I was looking forward to that evening’s entertainment.Within a few […]

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