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Ben Union – Chain of Love

Dire Fire – “Liquid” Official Music Video

“Secrets” Official Video – Rust on the Rails

Pacific Drive ~Live performance

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Making sense from the confusion in the realm of vinyl production

  ~ by Levi Seitz ~     Seattle Vinyl Info Considering releasing a record soon? A lack of information is often what creates confusion in the realm of vinyl production. Let’s help clear some things up Seattle, shall we! 1. STANDARD 12″ and 7″ VINYL records commercially available, like what you buy at Sonic Boom Records or Easy Street Records, all had an A and B side master cut on a lathe…no exceptions. The master parts were then electroplated and then the plates were used in a press to stamp out a vinyl record. That’s the process…all real time 1950’s industrial manufacturing. No shortcuts. A high level of skill and experience
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Rust On The Rails “Talisman” Release Show at The Triple Door

~ by Jenny Brown ~ Sensational!…Rust On The Rails “Talisman” LP Release Show When I first saw ROTR in 2014 in what may have been their very first live performance, I knew the collaboration between Cody Beebe and Blake Noble was going to be much more than a side project. Sunday night at The Triple Door proved that hunch to be correct. Photos courtesy of Todd Hobert Photography Cody Beebe, Blake Noble and ROTR threw down the gauntlet and raised the bar for every other 2017 album release show by Northwest Bands. It was an absolutely superb sold-out show at The Triple Door. From the opening notes by Sarah Gerritsen & the
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Ben Union ~ “VAMP” LP Review

~ by Denny Weaver ~ Ben Union  “Vamp”  LP Review BEN UNION shines on with his newest single, “Chain of Love”, off of his upcoming LP release, VAMP. The track opens up with warm acoustic guitar strums, echoed by a longing, “I fell in love with you the very first time we met.” Their warmth gives way to skepticism, however, as he wonders “is it possible to find the spark again?” Ben’s search may seem to be in vain amidst the cavernous synth leads, but he manages to hold onto some sense of hope in the power of love. FREE Download  “Chain of Love”, now at https://benunion.bandcamp.com/ Then, as if to bring
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“The Seattle Music Scene Is Dead.”

~ by Jerad Squires / Pacific Drive (a Seattle band)** ~ “The Seattle Music Scene is Dead.” I’ve heard that statement so many times that I have no choice but to address it.   1.) “Dead” and “Dormant” are two different things. And using either word to describe our music scene is not only incorrect, but it’s highly offensive to those who recognize that our music scene is constantly changing and breeding new sounds. Just cause that famous band or artist from X amount of years ago isn’t popping off anymore doesn’t mean our scene is dead, it means it’s changing. You know, Seattle Movement? 2.) When was the last time you
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