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Strangely Alright Train To Nowhere Groovy Edition!

Polyrhythmics – Winter Warmup 2013 at Neumos – ‘Nurple’

Kris Orlowski — BELIEVER (new single)

Science! – “I Know You Rider” (Dead Covers Project 2014)

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Living Colour band

Living Colour: Synesthesia Tour at The Triple Door

~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ Living Colour: Synesthesia Tour at The Triple Door September 29th 2014 Allow me to set the scene for you- Table 56 in the main stage theater (that’s where I was sitting with some friends, two of which actually work at TTD which is the only reason I knew what booth we were in, and my other friend Andrew Sheppard, who was the tracking engineer for this band’s newest album! And we all are graduates of Full Sail University. Small world, right?) Candles lit on every table in an otherwise dark house, wine continuously being poured in my glass, stagehands setting up the double kick drum
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Ayron Jones and the Way "My Love Remains"

Ayron Jones and The Way: “My Love Remains” Music Video ~

~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ Ayron Jones and The Way: “My Love Remains” Music Video The most beautiful thing about art is that it captures us at specific times in our lives and exposes our most inner vulnerabilities. Heartbreak and love lost aren’t just words on a page or a catchy melody to those who have truly experienced a broken heart. In Ayron Jones and The Way’s brand new music video for “My Love Remains”, we are exposed to a delicate plot, unwinding both visually and audibly as Ayron apologizes for a special relationship that “got away”. As the music builds right into the chorus, he confesses, “My love remains.”
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LTM - Group Photo

A Year In Your Ear Artist Showcase

~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ London Tone Music Showcase at Columbia City Theater September 18, 2014 Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two artists. Fifty-two new songs every week for one whole year. That, my friends, is called “A Year in Your Ear,” and our friends over at the historic London Bridge Studio have launched a new campaign to showcase their label London Tone Music, and some of the best up and coming artists from the Northwest and beyond! Last Thursday night, the event at Columbia City Theater was all about celebrating and interacting with the exciting talent, and some very important persons within the music community in our lovely city of Seattle. The
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Robin Fairbanks Blog image

London Tone Music Group 52 x 52 Artist Celebration

What is 52 x52 Year In Your Ear you ask? Fifty-two musical artists were signed to a singles contract, recording all 52 and releasing a single each week for a year. London Tone artists got the opportunity to record their single at iconic studios with producer/engineers that have impressive track records of success. The artist also benefited from the promotion, marketing, and sales by the London Tone Music team, including CD Baby for digital distribution. This night was to celebrate that they are halfway through and to give honor as to the amazing emerging talent recorded already and a glimpse of the quality of the talent yet to come. What I enjoy about these events is the
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Branden Daniel and the Chics

Branden Daniel and the Chics

~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ Branden Daniel and the Chics Hello friends and music lovers! Today I’m going to introduce you to an exciting, eclectic band that is known for their garage pop ‘n roll. This three-piece ensemble consists of lead singer, guitarist, and front man Branden Daniel, multi-instrumentalist bass player Nathan Krause, and drummer extraordinaire Matthew Winter. Together, they call themselves Branden Daniel and The Chics. I saw them perform live at Chop Suey a couple weeks ago, on a Wednesday night. Looks can be deceiving, and I have to admit, I was rather deceived that night at Chop Suey. These boys pack a full spectrum sound once the
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