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ARADIA – On Fire [Official Video]

Runaway Symphony- “Spirits” Live Session

Amber Sweeney ~ “Hit & Run” – Acoustic

Raymond Hayden and The Monsters In The Dark

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Bird On A Wire ~Music News

Rock/Blues Guitarist will Rock the W Seattle Thurs, Feb 26th.

~ by Robin Fairbanks ~ Seattle, the City of Music, is known for satisfying music lover’s palates 7 nights a week boasting some of the most notable and historical venues such as The Showbox Market, The Crocodile, Neumos, The Sunset, and The Tractor Tavern, but music flows out of Seattle’s pores and sometimes in the most interesting places. The W Seattle, 1112 4th Ave, is a hip hotel in the heart of Seattle, probably more recognizable by it’s beautiful building that adds so much to the Seattle landscape than its contribution to the Music Industry but that is changing as the W Seattle is making its name like sister hotels,
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Maurice The Fish Records

Standing out amongst the crowd?

~ by Raymond Hayden ~ Standing Out Amongst the Crowd? Since I can remember, the phrase standing out amongst the crowd has been a staple in my train of thought. My Mother told me from day one that if you want to get anywhere with your dreams, you need to spend time with your passion every single day, write down your goals, give as well as receive, encourage as well as be encouraged, take time for yourself and most importantly…FIND A WAY TO STAND OUT AMONGST THE CROWD in order to make your place in the world! This doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone else, just that you
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Maurice The Fish Records


~ by Raymond Hayden ~ WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? I ask myself this question just about every day and come up with the same answer…I really don’t know? What I DO know is that just about everyone in the music industry is asking themselves the same question. The old adage, “misery loves company,” could not be more apropos at this moment, as it does provide some solace to not be alone on the island. How did we get here…and where is here? Does music have value anymore or is it merely an intrinsic aspect of art? Does a synergy between art and commerce exist? Is there a right
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Hollywood: Night Argent Wins Ernie Ball/Van Warp Tour Battle of the Bands

~ by Robin Fairbanks ~ Hollywood: Night Argent Wins the Ernie Ball/Van Warp Tour Battle of the Bands There are no overnight successes. What might seem to us as overnight is normally years of struggle, experimentation, member changes, management changes, and sometimes even genre changes as Artists try to find the “magic formula” for stardom and success. I know one thing for sure, you have to put the work in and you need good music, a whole catalog of would be hits to make a label money right away and beyond a first album. Entertainment value must also be high for a fan’s dollar is split between many options these
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Champagne Honeybee

Champagne Honeybee: No Love Songs EP

 ~ by Sabrina Hamilton ~ Champagne Honeybee: No Love Songs EP Have you ever had your heart broken? Or is the concept of a broken heart a tired old cliché? Well, perhaps it could seem that way if you have a source of love in your life. It feels so good to be in love, doesn’t it? Life becomes brighter, more electric. You go about your day feeling as though even the seemingly mundane errands have much more of a purpose. Each footstep you take is metaphysically (and perhaps literally) guiding your soul nearer and nearer to its destined other half. Little cherubs hover above your head all hours of the
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Maurice The Fish Records

NAMM 2015

~ by Raymond Hayden ~ NAMM 2015 “LEAVE NO GRAIN OF SAND UNTURNED!” The old adage, leave no rock unturned, has been replaced by a new adage…leave no grain of sand unturned. The music industry is in a state of flux right now and nobody really knows what to do…this was very apparent as witnessed by the ambiguity and lack of a consistent message during seminars and discussions at NAMM 2015. The big question seems to be how to get music to the consumer and should artists be selling their music or giving it away. Lets back up for just a moment to let you know exactly what NAMM is
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Brown Bag Alley

Musical Fish Tales on a Stormy Night

~ by Cindy Teixeira / Brown Bag Alley blog ~ Musical Fish Tales on a Stormy Night Yes. It was a dark and stormy night but it was an early show with two bands I had not heard, so this show, the second one for me already coming in to 2015, four days in, was one of great interest. Jazzbones is known for a variety of class entertainment and this time it was the first of the 2015 Sunday Sessions with Maurice the Fish Records featuring the bands Negative Inside and Sleepy Pilot and hosted by the inimitable Mr. Von himself. There’s one thing about people up here in the
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