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“The Fall of Smeetra”

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SMEB is the star of a new comic strip created by Raymond HaydenDaniel Lee & Regan Lane.

SMEB is a whimsical alien that is meant to be a distraction for all of us to simply remind us how diversity is the key to understanding one another on a deeper level. It is our differences that add color to our lives and teach us grace…to remind us all that we are a community and are stronger TOGETHER than alone.

“…On a routine trip to Nabiroo5 (earth space station), Saturn Shadow crashed on an un-inhabited planet…or so he thought. A dying alien entrusts her only child for him to take care of…SMEB. And so begins the fun, albeit unlikely adventures of SMEB and Saturn Shadow…”

*Exclusively found on Seattle Music.


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“Think About It”
“If we really want to change the world, think about somebody else.” ~Mannequin Bonfire