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Sea Monster Radio Season #4

Sea Monster Radio is a radio show devoted to promoting the Seattle, WA music venue Sea Monster Lounge
and the many talented musicians who frequent the vicinity.
If you have ever spent much time at The Sea Monster, you would know that it’s an extremely community-based venue and
the fellowship in that club is thick. The below mentioned radio stations also believe in community deeply, hence the agreements in place.
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Current Episode

Episode #16

  • Andrew Nunez - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #16

Thanks for listening and… see you next month 🙂

The sun has been poking out from behind the clouds this month, inspiring a show full of upbeat fun and funky original music featuring bands and musicians that perform at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE.

ALEXANDER ANDERSON synth master and songwriter

 The infinite awareness that currently embodies the flesh known as Alexander Wayne Anderson arrived in Oceanside, California October 4th, 1993. Born to Jamaican parents who immigrated to New York in the mid 1980’s, Jamaican music and culture was the foundation of his musical development. Alexander came to Sea Monster on tour several years ago and I loved his CD THE ETERNITY OF BEING! You can find him here

FLY MOON ROYALTY’s soulful dance/funk duo ADRA BOO, and Mike Illvester

Dichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction.

Comprised of soulful vocalist, Adra Boo and DJ/Producer/Emcee Action J, this duo opened for our PRINCE tribute several years ago at the FREMONT FAIR. Check out their song BACK TO YOU off their debut album.

FUNKY 2 DEATH keeps it fun and funky every FRIDAY night at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE

FUNKY 2 DEATH is a super fun party every FRIDAY night at SEA MONSTER LOUNGE featuring WOOGIE, ROCPHIZZLE, SISTA MELISSA, MARK MATTREY, and more! This song is from a few years back featuring MYCLE WASTMAN on vocals, JIMMY JAMES on guitar and it’s one of their finest on F2D in STEREO!

check them out here:

FREUDIAN SLURP local progressive jazz/funk masters release (GET IT?)

FREUDIAN SLURP are weavers of intricate groove funk/jazz original compositions. Led by the brothers DYLAN and IAN HUGHES, their song PROBABLE PAWS is an example of their musical prowess.

check them out here:

THE GEORGETOWN ORBITS original good vibes reggae band

the GEORGETOWN ORBITS Since the band’s conception in late 2004, The Georgetown Orbits have risen to international notoriety for their soulful, modern-vintage, style of Jamaican ska, reggae, and rocksteady music. Multiple releases from the critically-acclaimed group have earned ample airplay on radio stations and podcasts all over the world. The band is well-known for their dynamic musicianship. The authentic feel they bring to their music has attracted audiences all over the western US and Canada.

HAPPY ORCHESTRA Seattle original jazz/funk master musicians

Some of Seattle’s finest musicians are in HAPPY ORCHESTRA, melding jazz and funk genres into a space where heads can bob and live instruments can shine. Produced by drummer Tarik Abouzied, HO is an award-winning band that puts smiles on faces and brings nourishment to ears and minds. Its participants are drawn from the top shelf of Northwest musicians, capturing the talent of the area’s most highly regarded players. The band, voted Alternative Jazz Group of the Year by readers of Earshot Jazz, combines instrumental and compositional firepower with a determined effort at crafting an intensely happy musical experience.

HANNAH’S FIELD original good vibes band in Seattle

HannaH*s Field brings love, spirit, and organic fresh flavor to the people with their “modern hippie Rasta folk”. In a time where connections are made with clicks and tweets, their songs encourage people to lead with their hearts and love their brothers. For the past decade HannaH & Chef Bliss have been writing and touring the country as a duo. Their last release, “Music Magic Medicine”, wove 15 musical tracks with a vegetarian/wheat free cookbook written by Chef Bliss.

HEATHER THOMAS featured original artist drummer, singer, songwriter, ukelele

Seattle-based musician Heather Thomas has music in her bones. It’s as if in the same way leaves take in light and turn it to sustenance, Thomas takes in the world and generates song. The golden-voiced singer and head-banging drummer distills the day into choruses, transforms emotions into melodies. Check out her song Lullaby off her album People in Places.!

MACKLEMORE once or twice performed at the SEA MONSTER open mic night!

Featuring keyboardist Josh Rawlings, bassist Evan Flory-Barnes, and and percussionist Jeremy Jones, The Teaching creates immersive and infectious improvised music as no one else in Seattle is making it. The trio formed in 2006, growing exclusively from the chemistry the band discovered on stage. Check out their music on MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS’ CD the HEIST.

Seattle’s OG jazz/funk organ trio MCTUFF features JOE DORIA, D’VONNE LEWIS & ANDY COE

One of the pillars of the Seattle music community is the band MCTUFF. Their residency at the SEA MONSTER is where many of us met once a week for years to drink, dance and enjoy life. Their song A MENDACIOUS ONE if featured here off their album ROOT. Check out their music here:

DAN MILAM, Seattle music producer, songwriter, guitar, bass, sound tech, good dad

Dan is a friend of mine from way back in the day. We both come from the San Francisco Bay Area. From the moment I met him he already had all the tools to perform anything that was in his head. We both went through the process of learning gear, drum machines, then software for recording. I’m sorry I don’t know more about the song I included here. This girl April met Dan and they produced an EP. They took the name April and mixed it with Dan’s last name and came up with the name MYLIRPA as the album/project title. It’s super funky/chunky.

contact Dan here

NEGATIVE PRESS PROJECT live jazz experiments with songs by Jeff Buckley

The NEGATIVE PRESS PROJECT contacted me a while back trying to establish an outpost here in Seattle for their music. It’s art. They are having fun and taking it seriously. They’re an eight-piece jazz/indie-art rock–inspired original music collective from Oakland, California. Check out what they are up to here


THE NEW TRIUMPH is the brainchild of bassist/composer CAMILO ESTRADA. Their original afro/jazz/funk/latin music is hot and their albums are a breath of funky fresh air. Featuring ROBBIE BEASLEY on trumpet, DANNY GODINEZ on guitar, MACK GROUT on keys, and RICARDO GUITY BLANCY on percussion.

check out their music here:

Sea Monster Radio ~ Archives

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Episode #15

  • Andrew Nunez - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #15

Thanks for listening and… see you next month 🙂

HAPPY MAY!  To celebrate spring this episode is full of love that hopefully inspires you to greatness. SEA MONSTER RADIO is the all-local Seattle radio show with an emphasis on the soul, funk, and jazz music is hosted by owner ANDREW SEA MONSTER.  FEATURING contributions from ELDRIDGE GRAVY & THE COURT SUPREME, THE THEORETICS, GRAVITY, THE TOGETHER COLLECTIVE, THE REZ TRIO, EVO, BLU SIRKUT, CRISTINA ORBE, CON BRIO, DUB CHAMPIONS, HAIKU-CHI, and more!

Episode #15 starts with a song by our friend SHAWN SMITH who recently left us.  It’s a song called BACK INTO ME off the album THE DIAMOND HAND which reached out to me amongst his many popular songs.  He will forever be with us in our loving memories.  #SHAWNSMITHFOREVER

CON BRIO is a Bay Area band that has been around for about a decade.  They came through on tour a few times many years ago with a female lead singer although they now have a male lead singer and new material to boot.  This is a song off of their album FROM THE HIP called BLACK HOLE BLUES

CRISTINA ORBE was one of the first stars that came through the door of the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE.  She would become the beacon through which our OPEN MIC night blossomed so long ago.  Many other talented artists came through the door because of their contact with CRISTINA.  I used to sing back up for her too!  her LOVE SONG off of the album SWAY is included in this episode.

THE TOGETHER COLLECTIVE sound good!  They craft original songs and they are catchy pop/soul tunes with a little country twang in there.  Led by guitarist, singer, songwriter JEREMY QUINN MACRAE, watch out for their new album!  Included in this episode is an as yet unreleased track DRONES.

THE DUB CHAMPIONS used to have a hold on WEDNESDAY nights at the RAINBOW ROOM next to the BLUE MOON TAVERN when the SEA MONSTER first opened.  They put out a demo with this awesome music on it that still kicks today.  check out their song SMOKE from 11-03-03!

These guys are all extremely talented and can rock any room anywhere individually or collectively.  BLU SIRKUT ( PAPA JOSH, DAVEE C, JOEY WALBAUM, and CD LITTLEFIELD) came out with a great set of songs on their EP that DJ’s would love.  I think they had to change the name to KLOZD SIRKUT because of legalities, but the funk is still their.  YEAR OF THE DOG is the song I’ve included off of their EP release.

and here’s a link to one of their videos!

I’ve also included in this episode one of my unreleased tracks KEEP IT TIGHT.  look for it to come out some time in 2020 after we move and have our 2nd child and things settle down 🙂

#MYMUSIC and as if that wasn’t enough of me, here’s a PRINCE cover that I did a while back with my band HAIKU-CHI.  I WONDER off the album HELLO KITTY 🙂


ELDRIDGE GRAVY & THE COURT SUPREME brings the funky party to all of their shows.  They are led by the gigantic vocals of lead singer JOE SIMPSON.  check out their music here

I included their song SMELLS LIKE DANGER off of the album US IS WHAT TIME IT IS

GRAVITY is awesome.  the music is many years old and still that album can go on and you are not tired of it.  The masterful keys of TIM KENNEDY with the drums of CLAUDIO ROCHAT FELIX, and the bass of IAN SHERIDAN make for a great blend of funky brotherhood.  I’ve included their song HIGH SPEED AUTO CHASE off of their album GRIMY.  I heard they are recording a new album this year!!

EVO was my friend who played it on the drums with the NEPOTISTAS on WEDNESDAYS when the SEA MONSTER LOUGE first opened.  He put out a solo record of electronic drum beats that he produced, i dug it.  Here’s a cut called HELL from that album LIKE A DROP.  Cheers to you wherever you are EVO!

THE THEORETICS are hard to pin down.  They have their roots in dark groove electronic music, but when they add vocals the MC’s  Mark Hoy and Chimaroke Abuachi the music takes off in wonderful different directions.  check out their track GO off the album PLENTY OF ANYTHING.

The guitar music of The Rez Trio is woven from the threads of contemporary flamenco, Hungarian czardas, and French Gypsy swing. Istvan Rez, Nat Hulskamp and Guil Guimaraes bring disparate histories into their collaboration. Their compositions combine flamenco rhythms and techniques with the melodic influence of Jazz Gitan (created by the legendary Django Reinhardt) and the underlying ambiance of Hungarian czardas.

Check out their song SWING 86 off their album C’SORO SWING.

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Episode #14

  • Andrew Nunez - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #14

Thanks for listening and… see you next month 🙂

Sea Monster Radio ~ Archives

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Episode #13

  • Andrew Nunez - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #13

Thanks for listening and… see you next month 🙂

Sea Monster Radio ~ Archives

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Episode #12

This week’s show starts with: Seattle’s instrumental funk pioneers THE POLYRHYTHMICS
with their song BRIGHTEN


    Seattle instrumental funk pioneers THE POLYRHYTHMICS with their song BRIGHTEN. POLYRHYTHMICS members BEN BLOOM, NATHAN SPICER, GRANT SCHROFF, JASON GRAY, and ART BROWN perform a FREE show at the SEA MONSTER every third Wednesday of the month at 10PM as THE UNSINKABLE HEAVIES.

    Portland, Oregon rock/funk guitar man SCOTT PEMBERTON was able to establish himself in Seattle by having a monthly at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE somewhere around 2013… man does time fly! this is his song EAST BAR LINE from the album SUGAR MAMA.


    RYAN SHEA SMITH is a great songwriter who has spent some years in the NW performing and writing with/for THE VOICE contestant MYCLE WASTMAN. I’m not sure if he still resides here, but check out his album STAY AWHILE which features As Long As I’m with You.

    REPTET was a hot name in the Seattle jazz scene for a minute in the late 2000’s. The band has featured many of Seattle’s jazz stars, including Samantha Boschnack, John Ewing, Isaac Mills, Evan Flory Barnes, Nelson Bell, and more.. check out their songs at

    One of Seattle’s finest original funk/dance/electronic performers RICHIE ALDENTE aka TIM KENNEDY has a song F.T.L. on this show. The man is very talented and able to incorporate many genres effortlessly. He has several albums that you can check out at

    THE PHAT PHUNK PHAMILY is one of the NW gems of undiscovered talent. The whole family is performing live on all the instruments, and they are GREAT! I have had them at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE many times and I wish they had more music for you to listen to! This is one part of the family, VON O.P. who released an EP with this song YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT LIKE I DO around 2012..

    One of Seattle’s brightest stars on the upright bass, EVAN FLORY BARNES has been part of several great bands in his short time on the jazz scene. He continues to push the boundaries of music with original compositions. He will be performing new original music at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE on Wednesday March 13th. This is one of his bands, THREAT OF BEAUTY with a song called IN ANTICIPATION, which is a great showcase of his talents.

    It’s been a minute since THREAT OF BEAUTY has been on the scene and I’m not about to give out a myspace address (sorry), so check out Evan with his new band here

    LITTLE BIRD. This song made me cry. Many do, but this one is a good one. It’s by NOAH BYRD, a local songwriting/singing star who is one to watch. He has lots of good songs you can pick from and that you will enjoy listening to him perform live with his band THE FLOCK.

    check out NOAH here


    SAMIA’S SAMBA is a song off of the album THE BOOK OF CHANGES by bassist, composer, and educator STEVE KIM. One of the jazz giants that you may not have heard of, check him out and more music at

    THE UNMANIFESTED… by the COSMOPOLITES. Can I tell you that I love the COSMOPOLITES! they are amazing to behold. only two musicians on the stage performing, and no extra tracks being triggered. JOHN KARWOSKI on drums and TRAVIS FISHER playing bass with his left hand, chords and melodies with his right hand and singing like an angel. the songs are GREAT! Last I heard Travis was in Asia, maybe someone snatched him up and he has make a wonderful musical empire for himself there.. this song was recorded live at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE. check out more music by THE COSMOPOLITES here

    LOOKING AT YOU by JOHNNY and the MOLES.. this band has been around for a minute and I feel like I’m only now discovering how good they are. JOHN EWING has a great gravelly funk voice and drives the bus on the drums. The record JOHNNY and the MOLES has many colors and all of them shine nicely. I would describe them as a bluesy/rock New Orleans funk band, but their song LOOKING AT YOU sounds like the Beatles got back together.. check them out at


    I AM.. by THE LIQUE. okay.. THE LIQUE are from LAS VEGAS and I think their lead singer RASAR AMANI has spent some time in Sacramento too. but they have performed at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE a couple times and rocked the house each time, PLUS their bad ass keyboard player/singer has spent time in Seattle. It seems like they are on their way to big things as the last I heard THE LIQUE had a residency as the house band at a fancy club in VEGAS that hosts performers such as WYCLEF JEAN! (that is the pic I saw on Facebook)

    check out THE LIQUE here


    these guys just wrapped up 2 gigs at the SEA MONSTER LOUNGE performing most of their new album TRANSCENDENCE as well as cuts from their other albums. BARRETT has travelled the world performing many different genres of music from ROCK to JAZZ and his this ensemble allows him to mix all of those elements.

    check out the BARRETT MARTIN GROUP at

    THE VAULT by the PSYCHOKINETICS.. these guys have some HOT FIRE! It’s unbelievable to me that they didn’t explode all over the music world. I can play most of the tracks off of their album sensory descent and people freak out. I freak out. this is from 2002 people!

    check out the PSYCHOKINETICS here



    Thanks for listening and reading.. see you next month 🙂

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    Episode #11

    This week’s show starts with: The Youngs ~ Swamp Dweller ~ THADDILLAC

    • Andrew Nunez - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #11


    The YoungsThe Killing of the King

    Swamp DwellerLittle Annipurna


    Woogie DFunky Drummer

    Andrew Sea MonsterLet Me Be The One

    Tiffany WilsonAin’t No Use

    Wet City RockersRude Dude

    WhuddaGreet You

    The TeachingBorn Born

    The WestSiren

    Trio SubtonicCold Water

    Thee SatisfactionSWEAT


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    Episode #10

    featuring   Champagne Honeybee ~ Clarkia Cobb ~ Liberty Strikes
    Marina Christopher ~ Syrinx Effect

    • MacKenzie McAninch - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #10

    From @seamonsterradio – This week we will have a new episode of The Sea Monster Radio Show! On this episode we celebrate Women of the Seamonster!! Every song played this week will feature women who have a connection to The @seamonsterlounge. We also interview Karen “KZ” Zamm, (@kzmusicmedia), Kate Olson (@kateplayssax) and Michelle Searle (@michellesearlesings) discussing how they help the community, the topic of the #MeToo movement and how it’s effecting Seattle, and much more.

    Other artists played this week will include Champagne Honeybee, Clarkia Cobb, Liberty Strikes, Marina Christopher, Syrinx Effect and more surprises.
    @champagnehoneybee, @clarkia, @libertystrikes, @mmmmmmarina, @syrinxeffect

    #seamonster #seamonsterlounge #seamonsterradio #karenzamm#kzmusicmedia
    #kateolson #michellesearle #champagnehoneybee#clarkiacobb #marinachristopher
    #libertystrikes #syrinxeffect #kbfg#seattlewaveradio #rainieravenueradio #space101
    #Seattle #radio#lpfm #women #womenwhorock – #regrann

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    Episode #9

    featuring   Interview with Andrew Joslyn, and featured artist Stone Temple Pilots

    • Mackenzie McAninch - Sea Monster Radio ~ Episode #9

    In Episode #9: Our Summer Snooze is over and we’re back this week with a new episode! We are delighted to announce that this episode will feature an interview with the Grammy-winning local string pop maestro superhero Andrew D.B. Joslyn of the Andrew Joslyn and the Passenger String Quartet. Also on the show, we’ll have new music from Down NorthFysahGood QuiverJohnny and The MolesKevin Sur and perhaps a couple of other surprises.

    Sea Monster Lounge



    Song Name


    Haiku-Chi Seamonster N/A
    Fysah Lightening N/A
    Good Quiver You’re the Tiger You’re the Tiger
    Stone Temple Pilots Atlanta
    Kevin Sur and Andrew Joslyn Hold My Head The Love Between
    Andrew Joslyn Plastic Heaven Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean
    Andrew Joslyn Enchanted Life of a One Year Old Kitten Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean
    Andrew Joslyn Desiderata Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean
    Down North Hollywood N/A
    Johnny and the Moles The Moles Theme Song Johnny and the Moles
    Led Zeppelin Moby Dick Led Zeppelin II

    Sea Monster Radio ~ Archives