Houston Episode #29 with guest Mic Michaeli – EUROPE

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Houston Episode #29 with guest Mic Michaeli - EUROPE

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EUROPE’s songs featured in this episode (in order): – Final Countdown – Carrie – Turn To Dust


Episode #29 (Season 2)

featuring   Mic Michaeli – EUROPE


Originally a progressive rock group, Europe reworked their sound into bombastic yet melodic pop-metal in the 80’s and the rest is history for this Swedish band.


In episode #28, I am beyond excited for today’s guest. From Stockholm, Swedewn…he is a fellow keyboardist and bad ass…spent time on the Billboard Charts…Probably wrote and performed one of the most well known keyboard hooks ever written…Mic Michaeli. Over three decades and dozens of millions albums sold, Joey Tempest (vocals), John Norum (guitars), Mic Michaeli (keyboards), John Leven (bass), and Ian Haugland (drums) as hardworking as ever, annually performing concerts worldwide and producing albums that are critically acclaimed by fans and the music industry alike.


In their first period of its existence,

the group founded in 1979 in Stockholm,

went by the name of Force