Houston Episode #28 with guest Lau Højen – Carpark North

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Houston Episode #28 with guest Lau Højen - Carpark North

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In this episode’s starting intro are sound bites from (in order): – Jean-Michael Jerre_La Cage_1969_French electronic music composer – Stewart Copeland_drum solo – Peter Gabriel_Sledgehammer – AC/DC_Back in Black

Carpark North’s songs featured in this episode (in order): – More – Transparent & Glasslike – Moments


Episode #28 (Season 2)

featuring   Lau Højen – Carpark North


Powerful, melodic, creative electro rock with sound scapes you can’t forget. The first notes by Carpark North were played on a hot summer day in July 1999 in the MGK-facilities in Aarhus, Denmark


In episode #28, I am talking with Lau Højen (Hoyan)…lead singer and guitarist of Carpark North. Carpark North is a Danish electronic rock band and has become one of my favorite bands in the world over the course of the past few years. (I assure you that this is not hyperbole, they truly are that great.) The energy they put into their live shows…the songs they write…the dynamic way in which they produce them and present them to their audience…their unique and badass music videos…numerous albums and singles…awards…music in film, tv, and video games…please join me in welcoming to HOUSTON…THE LEAD SINGER & GUITARIST OF CARPARK NORTH…LAU!!!!!!!!!.


The band decided on the name of “Carpark North” because it represents their ambition for future. “Carpark”: The metallic, the rough – the rock. “North”: Northern lights, snow, stars – the electro. Carpark North – Electro Rock.


Lau Højen – Søren Balsner – Morten Thorhauge

“I remember skipping school

just to hear our song on the radio” – Lau