Houston Episode #23 with guest Jennifer Lauren

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Seattle Wave Radio
Houston Episode #23 with guest Jennifer Lauren

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Episode #23 (Season 2)

featuring   Jennifer Lauren


Our guest today on HOUSTON is award winning country/rock singer Jennifer Lauren from Diamonds and Whiskey!


We are honored to have our second, yes I said, embarrassingly enough, only our second country artist on Houston today…”Diamonds and Whiskey are a combination of barroom beauty and backwoods danger, beauty queen and hell-raiser alike.”

The award‐ winning country/ rock act from Charlotte, North Carolina, brings it all to the table. Songbird Jennifer Lauren leads the way with strength and soul in her voice, delivering her songs in a way that embeds her lyrics into the hearts of the audience. Jennifer’s talents are complemented by a world‐class kickin band that delivers excitement and emotion to Diamonds and Whiskey fans around the world!

What else needs to be said? Please welcome Jennifer Lauren from Diamonds and Whiskey!


“Swampy guitar riffs and electrifying fiddle runs are glazed with siren vocals and hard cost lyrics to create a truly country sound with a delightful twist.”