Houston Episode #22 with guest Rachel Flowers

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Houston Episode #22 with guest Rachel Flowers

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Episode #22 (Season 2)

featuring   Rachel Flowers

Today’s guest on HOUSTON is a Multi-talented instrumentalist and composer Rachel Flowers.

Rachel lost her eyesight as an infant. When she was two years old, in order to discourage her from banging on their ancient piano with her toys, Rachel’s mother showed her how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Rachel picked it up immediately and was soon working out for herself every song she heard.

Now in her 20’s, Rachel was born prematurely, became permanently blind at three months and started demonstrating clear prodigy chops at age 2, when she could pick out on the piano every song she heard. At 4, she began Conservatory studies, learning the Braille Music Code and adaptive computer applications along the way.

Rachel’s collaborations include orchestral recordings, live performances with orchestras and in intimate settings, most recently appearing on stage with Saga vocalist Michael Sadler. Although she occasionally plays the music of those who’ve encouraged her, she receives the most acclaim for her original work.

Rachel first gained recognition for her talent as a young child and has been admired and mentored by those at the top of their field: Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, Dweezil Zappa, Conductor Terje Mikkelson, and a series of jazz greats. She has won countless awards as a pianist and flutist, and has performed and recorded on the global stage. While her favorite continues to be piano and keys, she also plays flute, guitar, bass, saxophone, Chapman Stick, and other instruments, continually expanding her musical arsenal. And today she is here with us on HOUSTON today to talk about it all….