Houston Episode #21 with guest Camilla Moberg

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Houston Episode #21 with guest Camilla Moberg

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Episode #21 (Season 2)

featuring   Camilla Moberg

There was no doubt in Camilla Moberg’s mind that soccer was what she was going to be spending her life on! The strong combination of talent and national team ambitions carried her onto elite soccer with a seemingly bright future ahead of her.

  • Raymond Hayden - Houston Episode #21 with Camilla Moberg a Danish Pop/Folk singer and songwriter from Copenhagen

But the light was slowly replaced by darkness, when she found herself beaten by the metabolic disease Hashimoto. Soccer and national team ambitions vanished and in came melancholy and frustrations.

Step by step music became her everyday anchor and songwriting a channel for restlessness and

The turning point was in 2016. Camilla Moberg participated in the program “Life Mastery Master” and not only did she get the tools to master her own life, she also met love and the songs changed from minor to major.

Today she is much better at living her full life without worrying about tomorrow. This perspective has taken her all the way through a recording process and May 8th 2020 she is ready with the EP “It’s Love”.

The single is called “Summertime” and is lifting the spirit out of even the most clinging quarantine 🙂