Houston Episode #19 with Mike Burt (Limberlost) Part 1

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Houston Episode #19 with Mike Burt (Limberlost) Part 1

Episode #19 (Season 2)

featuring   Mike Burt (Limberlost band)

Everyone is waiting for the next Seattle Sound. Well, here you go. Served up to you on a spinning, vinyl platter!" - Susan Varnes Newland, Susan in Seattle (May 24, 2017)(Seattle Wave Radio)

Part 1

  • Raymond Hayden - Welcome Mike Burt, drummer and the man behind "Limberlost"

Part 2

  • Raymond Hayden - Mike Burt, the drummer and the man behind "Limberlost"

Today’s guest on HOUSTON is the drummer, leader and machine behind Award Winning Puyallup, WA based rock band, Limberlost…Mike Burt.

In Part 1we are going to get to know Mike, the man behind the drums, a little better and find out about all of the amazing things that he and Limberlost are up to.

In Part 2, we’ll get some updates and behind the scenes insight into the band! (Part 2 coming soon…stay tuned)



Band Members:
Limberlost is an Award Winning American rock band from Seattle, WA. Behind the crushing vocals of Krystle Pyette and mesmerizing harmonies of Brittany Lauren, the band, consisting of Ricky Dunn on Guitar, Ben “Thor” Beman on Bass, Anthony Ciarochi on Keys and Michael Burt on Drums, use captivating hooks and tenacious grooves to grab your heart and invade your soul. A troop of 6 vastly different origins who bind together as one, and rise from the mist to permeate every song and performance with passion, love and raw energy

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