Houston Episode #18 with Travis Larson

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Houston Episode #18 with Travis Larson

Episode #18 (Season 2)

featuring   Travis Larson and Jennifer Young

"Think of a musical stew mixing a thick brown Rush gravy with big hearty chunks of Steve Morse and a dash of Jeff Beck."
~ TRAVIS LARSON BAND | Instrumental Fusion Rock ~

  • RAYMOND HAYDEN - Welcome Travis Larson and Jennifer Young of the Travis Larson Band

Today’s guest on HOUSTON is non-other than world renown guitarist…Travis Larson. The namesake of the Travis Larson Band, Travis is the guitarist and frontman of this powerhouse three-piece instrumental rock band. With seven studio albums…three full-length performance DVDs…recordings with artists such as Steve Lukather, Victor Wooten, Dave LaRue, Vinx…years of touring with the likes of Ted Nugent, UFO, Steve Morse, The Aristocrats, Dixie Dreggs, Andy Timmons, Tony MacAlpine…endorsements by Ernie Ball, Electro-Voice, Digitech, Markbass and Sabian Travis has had a very successful career.

Comprised of Travis Larson (guitar), Jennifer Young (bass), and Dale Moon (drums), TLB’s complicated phrasing, impossible timing, and seamless flow cause some to suspect that the band must surely operate from only one, albeit enormous, brain.




Band Members:
Travis Larson
Jennifer Young
Dale Moon