Houston Episode #17 with Pat Cashman

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Seattle Wave Radio
Houston Episode #17 with Pat Cashman

Episode #17 (Season 2)

featuring   Pat Cashman

Pat Cashman: Seattle based comedian, TV and RADIO personality, and former cast member of Almost Live!

  • Raymond Hayden - Welcome Pat Cashman, Pacific Northwest comedian, television and radio personality to Houston

Included in this episode are several funny fake interviews and commercials from Pat's earlier radio shows.
Try It ~ The Blues ~ Co-Authors

Our guest on Episode #17 is none other than Pacific Northwest comedian, television and radio personality…AN ICON…Pat Cashman.  After graduating from college, Pat began working in radio.  He then switched to television where he worked on commercials and also directed “Peculiar Playhouse” (a local comedy show that aired after SNL).

…this is of particular interest as he now has his own podcast called Peculiar Podcast with Lisa Foster, which we’ll get to later.

In 1980, Pat moved to Seattle working for KING-TV where he worked on commercials again, to include spots for the Seattle Mariners.  He was also a regular cast member of the long-running comedy show, Almost Live alongside John Keister as well as being the announcer for Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Pat was also the host of The Pat Cashman show that aired on several different Seattle Radio Stations.

In January 2013, Pat returned to Seattle TV with a new regional comedy show called The 206, along with his son Chris and former Almost Live! costar John Keister. In 2015, a revamped version of the show, Up Late Northwest, began airing…a program that is hosted by both Pat and Chris Cashman.

IF that all isn’t amazing enough?   Pat is featured on one of the world’s most popular video games on WII…SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL, as the announcer…Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Welcome to HOUSTON Pat! We are honored that you are spending some time with us today.