Houston Episode #16 with Geoffrey Castle

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Houston Episode #16 with Geoffrey Castle

Episode #16 (Season 2)

featuring   Geoffrey Castle

Geoffrey Castle: A Violinist Always in FULL FLOW - Bowarm Flying, Rosin Specks everywhere[...]

  • Raymond Hayden - Geoffrey Castle is always a Violinist in FULL-FLOW. Listen to his interview on Houston_016

Producer’s Note:

[ Houston Episode #16 is somewhat longer than our normal length podcast but well worth every minute of your listening enjoyment. Pause it if you need to, just don’t miss the ending! Or, anywhere in-between! ]

Geoffrey Castle is a pioneer on the electric six-string violin.
Introduced to the instrument at the age of eight, Castle has never looked back. From street musician in New York and Paris to performer in a Tony Award-winning Broadway production, this virtuoso has released 12 albums on his own record label, and (in collaboration with T.F. Barrett) invented a six-string electric violin.

Geoffrey’s songs included in this episode (in order) are:

1. Streets of Inwood
2. Spencil Hill
3. Istanbul
4. Calway Girl
5. Up Town Maggie

Join Geoffrey Castle for his 15th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations show at the Kirkland Performance Center. Castle’s show is guaranteed to get you clapping your hands, singing along, and celebrating all things Irish in an environment that is perfect for all ages (even teenagers). Legendary electric violinist Geoffrey Castle brings the party to Kirkland with a “jaw-dropping” live show that features the All-Star Celtic Night band, Irish Tenor Dan Connolly, and the Seattle Irish Dance Company. Rocking, rowdy, fun and dazzling, this show is the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, whether you’re from Dublin, or Downtown Kirkland.

Geoffrey's St. Patrick's Day Celebration was canceled due to the Corvid-19 outbreak.

Geoffrey Castle