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Episode #21 (Season 2)

featuring   Camilla Moberg

There was no doubt in Camilla Moberg’s mind that soccer was what she was going to be spending her life on! The strong combination of talent and national team ambitions carried her onto elite soccer with a seemingly bright future ahead of her.

  • Raymond Hayden - Houston Episode #21 with Camilla Moberg a Danish Pop/Folk singer and songwriter from Copenhagen

But the light was slowly replaced by darkness, when she found herself beaten by the metabolic disease Hashimoto. Soccer and national team ambitions vanished and in came melancholy and frustrations.

Step by step music became her everyday anchor and songwriting a channel for restlessness and

The turning point was in 2016. Camilla Moberg participated in the program “Life Mastery Master” and not only did she get the tools to master her own life, she also met love and the songs changed from minor to major.

Today she is much better at living her full life without worrying about tomorrow. This perspective has taken her all the way through a recording process and May 8th 2020 she is ready with the EP “It’s Love”.

The single is called “Summertime” and is lifting the spirit out of even the most clinging quarantine 🙂




Episode #20 (Season 2)

featuring   Autumn Helene

Autumn Helene is one of the youngest composers ever to earn IMDb credit. Her song about being bullied is being used in the new dark thriller tv show Hunting Jessica.

  • Raymond Hayden - Autumn Helene, an incredibly talented 13yr old singer songwriter from Seattle shares her story on Houston Ep #20

Autumn Helene is a 13 year old singer/songwriter/musician from Auburn, WA, USA who
performs original and cover songs throughout Washington state at festivals, fairs, pubs, parties
and special celebrations as a solo performer.

With followers in over 42 Countries, she is often compared to artists such as Adele, Lorde and Billie Eilish…she has performed at local venues such as Louie Gs, The Swiss, Jazzbones, Spanish Ballroom, Lucky Liquor, Rail Hop N Brew…just to name a few.

She is one of the youngest composers ever to earn IMDb credit. Her song about being bullied is being used in the new dark thriller tv show Hunting Jessica…and in February of this year, she was featured on KING 5 Evening News.



Episode #19 (Season 2)

featuring   Mike Burt (Limberlost band)

Everyone is waiting for the next Seattle Sound. Well, here you go. Served up to you on a spinning, vinyl platter!" - Susan Varnes Newland, Susan in Seattle (May 24, 2017)(Seattle Wave Radio)

Part 1

  • Raymond Hayden - Welcome Mike Burt, drummer and the man behind "Limberlost"

Part 2

  • Raymond Hayden - Mike Burt, the drummer and the man behind "Limberlost"

Today’s guest on HOUSTON is the drummer, leader and machine behind Award Winning Puyallup, WA based rock band, Limberlost…Mike Burt.

In Part 1we are going to get to know Mike, the man behind the drums, a little better and find out about all of the amazing things that he and Limberlost are up to.

In Part 2, we’ll get some updates and behind the scenes insight into the band! (Part 2 coming soon…stay tuned)



Band Members:
Limberlost is an Award Winning American rock band from Seattle, WA. Behind the crushing vocals of Krystle Pyette and mesmerizing harmonies of Brittany Lauren, the band, consisting of Ricky Dunn on Guitar, Ben “Thor” Beman on Bass, Anthony Ciarochi on Keys and Michael Burt on Drums, use captivating hooks and tenacious grooves to grab your heart and invade your soul. A troop of 6 vastly different origins who bind together as one, and rise from the mist to permeate every song and performance with passion, love and raw energy

Limberlost logo

Episode #18 (Season 2)

featuring   Travis Larson and Jennifer Young

"Think of a musical stew mixing a thick brown Rush gravy with big hearty chunks of Steve Morse
and a dash of Jeff Beck."
~ TRAVIS LARSON BAND | Instrumental Fusion Rock ~

  • RAYMOND HAYDEN - Welcome Travis Larson and Jennifer Young of the Travis Larson Band

Today’s guest on HOUSTON is non-other than world renown guitarist…Travis Larson. The namesake of the Travis Larson Band, Travis is the guitarist and frontman of this powerhouse three-piece instrumental rock band. With seven studio albums…three full-length performance DVDs…recordings with artists such as Steve Lukather, Victor Wooten, Dave LaRue, Vinx…years of touring with the likes of Ted Nugent, UFO, Steve Morse, The Aristocrats, Dixie Dreggs, Andy Timmons, Tony MacAlpine…endorsements by Ernie Ball, Electro-Voice, Digitech, Markbass and Sabian Travis has had a very successful career.

Comprised of Travis Larson (guitar), Jennifer Young (bass), and Dale Moon (drums), TLB’s complicated phrasing, impossible timing, and seamless flow cause some to suspect that the band must surely operate from only one, albeit enormous, brain.




Band Members:
Travis Larson
Jennifer Young
Dale Moon

Episode #17 (Season 2)

featuring   Pat Cashman

Pat Cashman: Seattle based comedian, TV and RADIO personality, and former cast member of Almost Live!

  • Raymond Hayden - Welcome Pat Cashman, Pacific Northwest comedian, television and radio personality to Houston

Included in this episode are several funny fake interviews and commercials from Pat's earlier radio shows.
Try It ~ The Blues ~ Co-Authors

Our guest on Episode #17 is none other than Pacific Northwest comedian, television and radio personality…AN ICON…Pat Cashman.  After graduating from college, Pat began working in radio.  He then switched to television where he worked on commercials and also directed “Peculiar Playhouse” (a local comedy show that aired after SNL).

…this is of particular interest as he now has his own podcast called Peculiar Podcast with Lisa Foster, which we’ll get to later.

In 1980, Pat moved to Seattle working for KING-TV where he worked on commercials again, to include spots for the Seattle Mariners.  He was also a regular cast member of the long-running comedy show, Almost Live alongside John Keister as well as being the announcer for Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Pat was also the host of The Pat Cashman show that aired on several different Seattle Radio Stations.

In January 2013, Pat returned to Seattle TV with a new regional comedy show called The 206, along with his son Chris and former Almost Live! costar John Keister. In 2015, a revamped version of the show, Up Late Northwest, began airing…a program that is hosted by both Pat and Chris Cashman.

IF that all isn’t amazing enough?   Pat is featured on one of the world’s most popular video games on WII…SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL, as the announcer…Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Welcome to HOUSTON Pat! We are honored that you are spending some time with us today.

Episode #16 (Season 2)

featuring   Geoffrey Castle

Geoffrey Castle: A Violinist Always in FULL FLOW - Bowarm Flying, Rosin Specks everywhere[...]

  • Raymond Hayden - Geoffrey Castle is always a Violinist in FULL-FLOW. Listen to his interview on Houston_016

Producer’s Note:

[ Houston Episode #16 is somewhat longer than our normal length podcast but well worth every minute of your listening enjoyment. Pause it if you need to, just don’t miss the ending! Or, anywhere in-between! ]

Geoffrey Castle is a pioneer on the electric six-string violin.
Introduced to the instrument at the age of eight, Castle has never looked back. From street musician in New York and Paris to performer in a Tony Award-winning Broadway production, this virtuoso has released 12 albums on his own record label, and (in collaboration with T.F. Barrett) invented a six-string electric violin.

Geoffrey’s songs included in this episode (in order) are:

1. Streets of Inwood
2. Spencil Hill
3. Istanbul
4. Calway Girl
5. Up Town Maggie

Join Geoffrey Castle for his 15th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations show at the Kirkland Performance Center. Castle’s show is guaranteed to get you clapping your hands, singing along, and celebrating all things Irish in an environment that is perfect for all ages (even teenagers). Legendary electric violinist Geoffrey Castle brings the party to Kirkland with a “jaw-dropping” live show that features the All-Star Celtic Night band, Irish Tenor Dan Connolly, and the Seattle Irish Dance Company. Rocking, rowdy, fun and dazzling, this show is the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, whether you’re from Dublin, or Downtown Kirkland.

Geoffrey's St. Patrick's Day Celebration was canceled due to the Corvid-19 outbreak.

Geoffrey Castle