HOUSTON on the Rock Channel (THURS 7:00 pm)

Venue: Seattle Wave Radio

Location: Rock Channel

Date: Apr 09 to Apr 10

Length: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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“- A Podcast of pairing music and inspiring conversation, it’s pretty cool -”

Houston was created to give the listener the feeling that they are sitting in the same room with our guest and part of the conversation. The muse behind our show is based on the fact that our world is in a chaotic state and hope seems to be slipping for the artists. Our goal is to inspire artists to rise above the noise and prosper…and realize that hope DOES exist!

…in a world filled with chaos, where the dreamers struggle to find their way, there is a light…in an industry riddled with sacrifice and self-doubt, there is a voice…at a time when we need one another more than ever, there is hope.

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