Darby Picnic ~ One Horse Johnny (Single release)

The Darby Picnic Story

Take a little Power Pop, a bit of Punk, a smidge of Americana, and a willingness to do whatever strikes the fancy, and you get Darby Picnic. Started in 2014 by Lee Gregory, DP is a five piece band from the Pacific NW that classifies themselves as Post Medieval Psychedelia. There are at least three songwriters in the band – Lee on Keys and vocals, Kent Beatty on guitar and vocals, and Troy Moss, also guitar and vocals. Rounding out the band are Terry Hickey on bass, and Rickie Ray Heinzman ( he also has written a song or two) on drums.

Darby Picnic has released four singles and a full length CD thus far, five videos, and are working on songs for another CD along with more videos. “The CBB Sessions” is available pretty much everywhere online, and the forthcoming release is tentatively titled “We’re Not Normal”.

The last band to be signed to the now defunct Maurice the Fish records, Darby Picnic has gone full indie, recording mostly at Lee’s studio – The Loft, and at Decade Sound Studio, owned and operated by Shad Woodman.

The music is a tapestry of sound and style with lyrics that tell stories and strike deep emotional points. One song, “One Horse Johnny” tells of an injured horse jockey whose lady has left for the coast to hide the baby he knows nothing about. “Sometimes I Break Down” talks about the anguish of being vulnerable in the evangelical church, breaking down when required to “stand in faith” at all times. Another, “Down The Drain” portrays depression and its unpredictable behavior, and contains truly psychotic sounding piano and synth. Not being completely without hope, one of the songs on The CBB Sessions is “These Are The Days”, which celebrates a relationship where things are working right. Another one, “Heaven”, is all about the glory and wonder of romance.

The band doesn’t do a LOT of shows, so as much as possible they try to make each performance unique in some way. Sometimes there’s films, or dancers, but the focus is clearly on the songs and the stories the songs tell. Their sets are a sort of round robin affair, moving from one singer/writer to another. It makes for a show that’s often surprising, serious, funny, and inspiring.

“The CBB Sessions” was released in early 2018. Several videos are available on our YouTube channel.

4/2020 – Releasing singles every couple of weeks lately along with videos for most of them. Toying with the idea of a virtual show.

Check out Darby Picnic on the web at http://darbypicnic.com
Facebook at http://facebook.com/darbypicnic
YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UqYuM6iBNgaD-U5gj6VLw