Darby Picnic ~ Down The Drain (Single release)

Darby Picnic

Take a little Power Pop, a bit of Punk, a smidge of Americana, and a willingness to do whatever strikes the fancy, and you get Darby Picnic. Started in 2014 by Lee Gregory, DP is a five piece band from the Pacific NW that classifies themselves as Post Medieval Psychedelia. There are at least three songwriters in the band – Lee on Keys and vocals, Kent Beatty on guitar and vocals, and Troy Moss, also guitar and vocals. Rounding out the band are Terry Hickey on bass, and Rickie Ray Heinzman ( he also has written a song or two) on drums.

Check out Darby Picnic on the web at http://darbypicnic.com
Facebook at http://facebook.com/darbypicnic
YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UqYuM6iBNgaD-U5gj6VLw