Limberlost - Good Fight

Limberlost ~ “Good Fight” (single release)

Susan Varnes-Newland
by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~

“Good Fight”
(new Single release by Limberlost)

Once again Puyallup WA band LIMBERLOST MUSIC, went in for the very real and honest truth, in what we’re experiencing in our world, with their newly released GOOD FIGHT music video. It’s like watching your emotions being sung and displayed onscreen. They don’t hold back The Truth.

LIMBERLOST MUSIC has entered into a brand new level of professionalism, by bringing in L.A. based Timothy Eaton as producer. The musicians themselves, were subtly hid. Instead their instruments and voices were heard, while displaying the anguish and hurt of our current society. Not only is Krystle Pyette a powerful vocalist, she is also a Mom. She feels the pain being created by all of the chaos, causing concern for our children’s future.

And it comes out through her voice. An authentic pleading with The Universe, to give our children a chance to live in a world filled with hope. Krystle’s voice is perfectly blended with new mom, Brittany Lauren. If you ever want to listen to The Voice of Souls, listen to the voices of Mothers that love their children.

And as always, the solid rock element was brought in with Ricky Dunn’s guitar solos.  Mike Burt (drums), Ben Beman ( bass) and Anthony Ciarochi (keyboard)  add to the perfect mix.

LIMBERLOST MUSIC is a difficult band to describe. They don’t fit into the typical Seattle/Tacoma music genre. They sing and play to their own beat. Which I have really grown to respect. And it’s definitely working for them. They were the 2020 ISSA Awards Winner, for “US Band of The Year”.

Congratulations to  LIMBERLOST MUSIC, CRASH BOOM BANG PRODUCTIONS and TIMOTHY EATON ASSOCIATES  on your continued success during a challenging year!