IT Made Me Me (Single Release)

Susan Varnes-Newland
SONG REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~


Raise your hand if you feel 2020 is challenging and confusing.
Stand up and raise your hand, if you’ve found yourself curled up into a ball and crying during 2020.
Now, look around. You’re not alone. We’re all struggling, trying to figure out WHAT IS GOING ON?

I always appreciate it when an artist puts into words the conflict I’m going through. You hear your inner thoughts and feelings flowing through a melody, and instantly it becomes YOUR SONG. YOUR ANTHEM. Sometimes, it becomes a special tattoo.

- Jessica Lynne Witty -
" It Made Me Me "
(Single Release)


Jessica Lynne Witty is one of those artists. Her music has become The Soundtrack For My Life. Her latest song “IT MADE ME ME”, brought me to tears. Once again, her music shows up to guide me through a brand new chapter.

The lyrics of “IT MADE ME ME” are authentic and incredibly powerful. The honest voice of truth, from a woman who is accepting of her past, while boldly embracing her future. She is empowered, rather than controlled. Her mistakes are forgiven, but not forgotten. Her successes are remembered, but not taken for granted. They’re all part of her story.

The uncomplicated instrumentals give attention to the importance of the lyrics. They give the emotional background, without overpowering the message. That’s why picking a recording studio is SO important. They need to understand and support the artist’s vision. I love how the instrumentals bring feeling and energy alive. Simple accompaniments until a powerful guitar riff, ¾ of the way through. It opens up a whole new emotional dynamic to “IT MADE ME ME”. In the final choruses, you feel her energy and voice grow and be filled with joy. A bright new future awaits. The lyrics were easy to remember and then sing along. Because they were thoughts and words I’ve spoken to myself.

Spending time and recording in Nashville has definitely had an influence on Jessica’s vocal dynamics. There is a more soulful country sound, which comes from being surrounded by authentic country musicians. Nashville leaves a unique brand on its artists.

“IT MADE ME ME” erases the shame that our current society creates. Give yourself grace. Be proud of your past and the person it has created. Empowered rather than controlled. It’s authentic Country, through and through.

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