Susan Varnes-Newland
ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~


It’s always interesting to receive a new song from Puyallup WA band, LIMBERLOST. They Rock to their own beat, so I never know what to expect or what to prepare my ears for.

With their latest release, THE REAL THING, I had 12 seconds to prepare for the electrical storm of LIMBERLOST music.

- Limberlost -
(Single Release)

Imagine if you will, walking in a vast open space, on a clear day. When suddenly you hear an air raid siren go off. You look up and see this wildly spinning cloud, with bolts of lightening shooting out. It’s impossible to outrun. You are about to go through the eye of the storm.

That’s the vision LIMBERLOST created in my mind, after listening to THE REAL THING. Seconds after hearing the warning siren, Mike Burt’s drum beats come pounding down like a sudden hailstorm. You turn to run the other direction, but Ricky Dunn’s electrifying guitar jolts you to the ground. You look up, and there SHE IS, standing strong and beautiful. The PNW Female Voice of ROCK, Krystle Pyette. ARE YOU READY FOR THE REAL THING? You better be, because you’re about to be ROCKED!

LIMBERLOST’s music always has a powerful message to be heard. Sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s straightforward. Sometimes, it’s Krystle Pyette getting loud and in your face. LISTEN TO ME.

Like all dynamic storms, you have lulls where you breathe and look around at the sky, and gaze in wonder at the colors and cloud formations. LIMBERLOST achieves this with Anthony Ciarochi’s rolling keyboard, while listening to Ben Beman’s bass and Brittany Lauren’s voice echoing in the distance. There is still more to come. LIMBERLOST doesn’t disappoint with their second storm of thunder. Ricky’s guitar continues to crank up the electricity for one more jolt from Krystle’s precise, crescendoing voice. After one more energy filled swirl, they spin off into the distance.

The rain after a thunderstorm is filled with nitrogen rich nutrients to feed the growing plants in nature. The music of LIMBERLOST is no different. Their listener’s souls get fed, too.

With each new song, I continue to hear LIMBERLOST move up one more level in the ROCK WORLD.
They are definitely The REAL THING