The Hackles


Susan Varnes-Newland
ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~


“ A Dobritch Did As A Dobritch Should ”, is about as authentic PNW folk as you can get. Immediately I was sitting in a brick housed reclaimed structure, filled with dark wood and curiosity items on bookshelves. Cozy beanie sitting on my head, and a hot cup of tea in my hands. Comforted and thought-filled.

-The Hackles-
" A Dobritch Did As A Dobritch Should "

The Hackles

THE HACKLES are married duo Kati Claborn and Luke Ydstie (Blind Pilot) from Astoria, Oregon. Their recently released album is filled with stories and adventures. A fascinating listen, because you never know what you will be hearing next. Fanciful, flowing and free. Just like the seagulls that fly over our area.

“Seven Lies” has quickly become my favorite song from “A Dobritch Did As A Dobritch Should”. Kati’s strong, clear voice perfectly accompanied by Luke’s guitar and voice. And the addition of strings was absolutely beautiful. It brought me back to the original 70’s Folk Rock I grew up listening to.

Guitars, a banjo, fiddle, keyboard and percussion. Lovely and smooth accompaniments all the way through.

A perfect soundtrack to a PNW day. Sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny, but always glorious.

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Susan in Seattle