Limberlost ~ Jolene cover

Limberlost’s cover “Jolene”

Susan Varnes-Newland
SONG REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
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PNW’s “LIMBERLOST” has flawlessly captured Southern Soul, with their new release of “JOLENE”. This past year, I have spent quite a bit of time in Tennessee ( Memphis and Nashville). I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn about the history of Blues, Rock N’Roll and Country Western.

- Limberlost -
" Jolene " (cover)


LIMBERLOST included every one of these musical genres, in this spirit grabbing rendition of “JOLENE”. Initially , they lure you in with some finger licking, sweet Southern Blues. But then a stylish cowboy boot, kicks you right into the Grand Ole Opry. And right when you’re settling into some country rhythm, a little Jerry Lee Lewis style keyboard solo shows up. Southern Style Rock, through and through. Perfectly powered by the scent of Cedar trees and fresh clean air, flowing from the Puget Sound.
Hands Down, Cards On The Table. Absolutely one of the best renditions of “JOLENE” I’ve listened to.
You did Ms. Dolly Parton proud, LIMBERLOST.


Susan Newland

AKA “ SUSAN IN SEATTLE “, Seattle Wave Radio