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“I Still Do” ~ Chris Jones Band

Susan Varnes-Newland
SONG REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
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Music is part of our DNA.
I recently caught the Raiding The Rock Vault Show, at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Las Vegas. The show starts with a voice narrating the birth of Rock N’ Roll, accompanied by photos. The narration ends with the voice saying “ This is music speaking. I’ve always been here and I always will be.” A powerful introduction to the musicians onstage and their performances.
The comparison between listening to a voice speaking, and listening to a voice singing is quite dramatic. The emotions behind the words are physically felt through music.

- Chris Jones Band -
" I Still Do " (Single release)

Chris Jones Band

T he first time I listened to “I Still Do” I didn’t know the background of the song. Emotions were pulled out of my soul within the first minute. I was immediately drawn in with the acoustic guitar solo. And then BAM. The impassioned words were delivered via my DNA; Music. I listened to the story, and felt the heartbreak. It was about a deep, unconditional love that was lost. A deep love that never dies, and is always filled with hope it will return.

The instrumental development of the song was perfectly aligned with the anguish being sung. The lyrics raw and heartfelt. Every time I listened, I heard a new message being shared. Classic Rock Ballads are a very powerful way to speak your words. There is the strength of the guitar, and the raw power of the vocals. Fear of going outside of the musical boundaries doesn’t exist.

“I Still Do” is a perfectly executed Rock Ballad. Real. Solid. Not manufactured.

That’s what I love about Rock and Roll. It’s the real deal, being delivered through musical DNA.

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Chris Jones Band; Chris Jones (Vocals & Guitar), Jeremy Elliott (Bass Guitar), Charlie Judd (Drums)
Crash Bang Booom Productions; David Mark (Producer)


Chris jones Band_I Still Do