Lavender Lemonade by Aline and Wes

Susan Varnes-Newland
ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
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One of the many reasons I enjoy listening to and reviewing music created by local musicians, is because they reflect what is going on in our communities. Our thoughts, our angsts, our passions.
Last month we attended THE WHO concert, at T-Mobile Park. As I gazed out at the beauty of the lit up waterfront, I spoke out loud the Truth from my heart. “ I want to love Seattle again.”

- Lavender Lemonade -

Aline and Wes Lavender Lemonade

John Lennon
“I think the music reflects the state that the society is in. It doesn’t suggest the state. I think the poets and musicians and artists are of the age – not only do they lead the age on, but they also reflect that age. […] Like The Beatles. We came out of Liverpool and we reflected our background and we reflected our thoughts in what we sang, and that’s all people are doing.”

― John Lennon, The Beatles Anthology

Seattle, like several West Coast cities, is having a heartbreaking time with our homeless and drug addiction issues. I can’t stand to see the massive piles of garbage polluting our streets and waterways. And the increase of crime. However, I also can’t stand to see the massive amount of human beings polluting their lives with drugs and crime. Wallowing in filth. They weren’t always like that.
WHERE is the hope? WHAT is the answer?

“Lavender Lemonade’s” new EP release, is a perfect musical insight into the issues society is currently struggling with. It’s a beautifully written and performed creation that shares the hopes, the fears, and the challenges in this time period . Starting out with the softly, honest “A Place To Belong.” Followed by the fiercely spirited “Still Want More”. The logical “Constructs of Time”. And closing philosophically with “Work Is Never Done”, which contains a very prolific lyrical statement:

“ Our work is never done, open up your eyes, see the other side, you may be surprised .”

Aline Vida and Wes Speight have created a skillfully woven, musical tapestry together, with their duo “Lavender Lemonade”. Although their duo is new, they both have extensive history in the music industry. Bringing together broad ranges of music styles, derived from touring with national/international experiences. Which allows them to give an expansive view, of the societal challenges they are sharing via their music.

Aline’s unique voice immediately draws you in, as you try to pin point what style of music you are becoming woven into. A definite jazz influence, accompanied by Wes’s more rock oriented guitar. After listening to the EP 2-3 times, I understood the story they were telling, and felt the wave of emotions that came with it. Despair, hope, acceptance and the resolve to not give up. I felt the connection to the silent and discarded voices they were representing.

After listening and reviewing “Lavender Lemonade’s” new EP, I realize that I really still do love Seattle. And, it’s because of the beautiful artists and musicians that live here. The music community has always been a powerful force. And they will be the ones who join us together with hope and humanity. Creating beautiful lemonade, from the bitter fruit that has been grown.

And, we’re saving THE SHOWBOX, right?!


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Lavender Lemonade – EP by Aline & Wes…

Aline and Wes