Kristin Chambers Kissing Ghosts

Kristin Chambers ~ Kissing Ghosts

Susan Varnes-Newland
ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
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I’m a true Pacific Northwest Native. I love the magnificence of nature, and the space it gives to breathe. The cleansing power of fresh oxygen is powerful. The majority of my new listening experiences occur while walking out in nature. The combination of music and God’s natural beauty, seems to activate the synapses in my brain, enabling me to actually feel the music flow through my body.

- Kristin Chambers -
" Kissing Ghosts " (LP)

I first listened to “Kissing Ghosts”, while walking along a river trail in the bright, autumn sun. It was the perfect accompaniment for “Oxygen of Love” to start flowing through my ears. Suddenly, I was floating along in the smooth river, relaxed and lulled, with the feelings of peace and love. The musical notes creating sparkles of light in the water. It was like listening to a sweet lullaby. Reminiscent of the innocent 1950’s love songs that we cherish.

As the album continued, I discovered I was continuing to float downstream with the waves of emotions that were being created. The group harmonies and the accompanying instrumentals brought it all out of my soul to observe and inspect. A processing of life, love and loss via music. An acceptance of my own personal journey.

There was an ethereal quality mixed in throughout the entire album. Kristin’s rendition of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” took on a whole new essence for me. It became a sad acceptance of not finding the innocent hope of teenage love, yet still hopefully accepting of the realities of being an adult.

After listening to Kristin’s entire album, I heard it as an honest confession of failures and successes, in order to be ready for the next level of the journey.

“Kissing Ghosts” has beautifully captured the innocence, and the truth of a life bravely lived. A musical enlightenment, filled with haunting melodies.

An angelic way to kiss our own personal ghosts goodbye.

Kristin Chambers

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