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FOCUS YOUR AUDIO | “The Risk of You and Me” (Single release)

Susan Varnes-Newland
SONG REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~


How do I turn fluid music that impacts my soul, into sedentary words? That is my current predicament with the first EP release from Canada’s rapidly rising music phenomenon, FOCUS YOUR AUDIO. This is my 3rd attempt at writing a music review for their new EP.

- Focus Your Audio -
" The Risk of You and Me "
(Single release)

Focus Your Audio

Attempt #1
FOCUS YOUR AUDIO ( Bobby McAloney and Sarah Stewart) create music that you need to prepare yourself to listen to. You don’t want to miss the message, that you’re supposed to hear.
~ Absolutely true, but entirely sterile. ~

Attempt #2
FOCUS YOUR AUDIO skipped Steps 1-10, and went straight onto the Next Level with their First EP Release. The quality and perfection of Sarah Stewart and Bobby McAloney’s music, sounds like a mature duo that has been performing together for years. I was blown away by the music that was flowing through my ears. It had grown into exactly what my soul had been yearning to hear, in their previous song release “Shades Away“. I wanted to hear a musical expansion, with an orchestra style accompaniment. It was SO fulfilling to hear that happen, and to experience their songs fully developing and coming alive.
~ Getting there, but it’s still missing the musical and emotional connection. ~

Attempt #3
I communicated with one of The Human Beings that actually created this masterpiece of music.
My true online messaging with Bobby McAloney.
~ And THIS is how musicians make music that matters. ~


Susan: I’m listening again up at my mountain retreat.

Bobby: Thank You so much!!! That’s what we wanted to do with these songs, to reach people through personal experiences.

Susan: The words are slowly getting formed. How do I write down in words, what I heard coming into fruition from your very first song? What I heard in my head, expanded into you’re entire EP. Whether or not I can relate that correctly to the world, doesn’t matter in the end I guess. What is most important, is that you and Sarah know and understand. Hey, maybe I just wrote what I needed to say!

Bobby: That’s beautiful, Susan. I can’t tell you enough how humbled I am by your feelings towards our music.


Be Calm.
Be Quiet.
Be Open.

And LISTEN to what FOCUS YOUR AUDIO has to say to you.

  • Focus Your Audio - The Risk of You and Me

Written about the risks of love and living life free – we wrote about being okay to bend but to never break. ~ Bobby McAloney ~


The name of their band, definitely upholds their intentional meaning.


  • Sarah Stewart , Vocals
  • Bobby McAloney, Guitar
  • Recorded at Warehouse Studios, with Sheldon Zaharko producing.
  • Johnny Andrews ( Hey Ocean) Drums
  • Mike Young ( Mother Mother) Bass
  • Marc Gladstone ( Prism) Keyboards And Grand Piano
  • Finn Manniche ( Cello)




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