Jessica Lynne - Warning Label

Jessica Lynne Album Review “Warning Label”

Susan Varnes-Newland
ALBUM REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~


For starters, Jessica Lynne’s “Warning Label” album cover is an incredible piece of art in itself. Beautiful photography by Nashville artist Barbara Potter, combined with the meticulously creative talents of Jaci Sawtelle and Jessica Lynne, herself. HOT, HOT, HOT!

Jessica Lynne - "Warning Label"
Album Release

Acompletely different look from Jessica’s previous EP covers. Which is perfect, because it shows Jessica’s growth as a musician. She’s grown from the fun lovin’ country girl at the county fair to…….the empowered country woman who’s going to KICK YOUR ASS if you don’t treat her right. LOVE it! Jessica Lynne is on fire! 🔥🔥

And the fire continues on inside, with the first song “REBEL”. Co-written between Jessica Lynne and rock guitar genius Taylor Enloe , “REBEL” gets you out on the dance floor, with its high energy guitar solos. Rock country at its finest. The perfect song to get this music inferno started!

  • Jessica Lynne - Rebel

Jessica Lynne

And, it’s not a country album, if you don’t have some whiskey served with sass. I loved the “sunglasses on with a headache“ banter between Jessica Lynne and Cirke Cherokee, during “Like Whiskey. Those whiskey adventures always seem like a good idea at the time, don’t they. Oh, that brought back memories of bar hopping through Nashville’s Broadway Street, aka Honky Tonk Row.Just to clarify, I was just observing other people, of course. I wasn’t involved in the whiskey shots incidents myself, cough cough.

One of the most fun songs to mentally visualize was “Cut and Curl”, co-written between Jessica Lynne and Jaci Sawtelle. I was brought immediately to a small town hair salon, filled with gossip and gum snapping, nail files and Dolly Parton big hair. I would LOVE to see a music video created for this song.

  • Jessica Lynne - Cut "N" Curl

I have been listening to Jessica Lynne’s music for 5 years. And, I can honestly say this is her best music yet! Her music is filled with the courageous bravery of a woman fighting for her dream to come true. And it shines through in her music. She flawlessly covers all emotions in “Warning Label”. From the wild and raucous , to the fun and flirty. And she totally brings out the BADASS in the album’s title song, “Warning Label”.

  • Jessica Lynne - Warning Label

Jessica Lynne

Jessica also stays true to the country community’s undying support, for those who serve us. “Let It Burn” is a serious and thankful tribute song to our brave firefighters.

The final song “Heaven Bound” is pure raw emotion and harmony. A gospel roots acoustic duo between Cirke Cherokee and Jessica Lynne. The kind of song that squeezes your soul and brings tears to your eyes. It captures the pure essence of where country music grows from. Solid, honest and true to the soul.

  • Jessica Lynne - Heaven Bound

Jessica Lynne’s second Nashville recorded album, “Warning Label”, perfectly embraces what a country artist is all about. Kick Ass fun, with some whisky and shenanigans. While holding a deep respect for those that serve us and honoring our faith based roots.

Country music needs more strong, independent women, like Jessica Lynne. Put her on the stage of Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, and let’s see her ROCK The Mother Church!

You can currently hear Jessica Lynne’s “Warning Label” exclusively on Seattle Wave Radio. Then tune into Jessica’s Facebook and Instagram Pages on June 6th, between 7-8pm, for her live album release show!

Check out Jessica Lynne’s Webpage for more album and tour information.

Jessica Lynne




Jessica Lynne – Vocals
Cirke Cherockee – Vocals
Evan Hutchings – Drums, Percussion
Eli Beaird – Bass Guitar
Jerry McPherson – Electric Guitar
Taylor Enloe – Electric Guitar
Steve Nathan – Keys
Wanda Vick – Fiddle, Dobro, Mandolin
Larry Beaird – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo


Recorded at Larry Beaird Music Group in Nashville, TN and The Chicken Shack Studios in Tacoma, WA.
Tracking engineers: Jim DeBlanc & Sean Van Dommelen
Vocals engineers: Rob Lane & Kevin Sokolnicki
Mix Engineers: Rob Lane & David Buchanan
Mastering by Amy Marie at YesMaster! Studios in Nashville, TN.
Artwork by Corbenic Design and Jessica Lynne.
Photos by Barbara Potter Photography.