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“BOPPINS” Album Release by Jared Squires

Susan Varnes-Newland
MUSIC REVIEW by Susan Varnes-Newland
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Jared Squires releases "Boppins"

When you listen to Jared Squires’s debut album, ”BOPPINS”, you will find yourself automatically transported to your favorite chill and hangout spot.

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My Day Job, is being a flight attendant for a large international airline. The first time I listened to “BOPPINS” I was sitting in a noisy gate area, at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. However, the minute I had the first song flowing through my ears, I envisioned myself sipping expensive champagne in the lounge of the posh and trendy Hotel Costes. Hotel Costes is located on the Rue Saint-Honore’ in Paris and is well known for its celebrity sightings and club music. One of my favorite spots to visit, whenever I find myself in the City of Lights.

  • Jared Squires - Boppins

By the next song, I found myself transported to a hip Manhattan Rooftop Deck Bar, overlooking the glittering lights of New York City. A bold glass of red wine held to my lips.

Every song brought a fantastic memory, of a fantastic experience, to my mind.

“BOPPINS” is the perfect afternoon deck or dock party music. A little bit if jazz, a little bit of house club a little bit of funk. And a whole lot of personality. It’s the kind of music you want to sip and savor life to.

When I started to read Jared’s biography, I was delighted to see this was the musical offspring of PACIFIC DRIVE. I saw PACIFIC DRIVE perform at the 2016 Seattle Wave Jammin Challenge. I loved their horns, rhythm section and bass vibe, and had wondered where they had gone to. Now I understand that this young band has continued to grow and create under various names ; “HopSol” ,“Cytrus”, and now Jared Squires as a solo artist.

Jared Squires

“BOPPINS” is Jared Squires debut album. A true Seattle “garage style” creation. He curated, wrote, produced, engineered, mixed and engineered the entire album in his spare bedroom. Really impressive! I especially love the inclusion of live instruments with the mixed tracks. The best of both worlds.

Jared Squires

Jared wrote that he titled his debut album “BOPPINS” , because he wanted people to bop their heads through the entirety of his 8 songs. He totally captured that. There is a continual funk rhythm, that carries through, from beginning to end.

After you listen to “BOPPINS” on Seattle Wave Radio, you need to immediately buy and download it. This will quickly become your favorite Party On The Patio album for the Summer of 2019



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