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Strangely Alright’s New Album “Stuff”

Susan Varnes-Newland
by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~

(new album by Strangely Alright)

“The message is very simple….THINK FOR YOURSELF “.

Okay, I was given a preview of Strangely Alright’s new album “Stuff” by their keyboard player Raymond Hayden. No explanation. No song titles. All I received was a “Here’s a preview of side 1” and “ Here’s a preview of side 2”.

I LOVED THAT. You know why? Because I detest being programmed into thinking how I should “feel, think, believe”.
Lo and behold, the very first words from Side Two are from lead singer Regan Lane. “THINK FOR YOURSELF”. I can totally get into a song that starts that like! It takes off from there with powerful lyrics talking about being programmed by the media ( of course we are) and then leads into totally ripping guitar riffs by Sean Van Dommelin . Nothing explains feelings better than a screaming guitar riff.

And then the next song led into a Beatlesesque type entry. So cool.

So yeah. I’m starting my album review with Side Two, rather than Side One. Why? Because I’m Strange. But I’m Alright. And both sides are great music, so does it really matter? And that’s what I love about this band. I know they don’t really care where I start. They just really appreciate that I’m actually listening to them.


Because, this is not only a band of great musicians, it’s a band with a great message. You need to be listening to what is being said musically to you. Turn off all of the noise in your brain and just listen.

I’m basically a Rocker Chick, so I LOVED that they brought that element into this album. The screaming guitar riffs by Sean ..YES. Loved Ray’s groovin’ keyboard, bringing in all of that soul. Then there is Jason Bair with the Ringo drums going on. Ken Schaff keeping the bass groove chill . And Regan speaking The Truth throughout the entire jam session.

Strangely Alright is a band that has been young and growing into their music. With their new album “Stuff”, they’ve hit adulthood and it ROCKS! I really connected with their music on this new album.

I heard it. I felt it. I believed it.

NICE WORK Strangely Alright! I can’t wait to see this performed live.

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