Andrea Desmond - The Strongest - cover

Andrea Desmond ~ The Strongest

Susan Varnes-Newland
by Susan Varnes-Newland
(Guest blogger from Grieve The Astronaut) ~ ~

“The Strongest” by Andrea Desmond

Gentle strength is what I feel from Andrea Desmond’s newly released song “The Strongest”. A beautifully crafted song , that inspires hope in your soul. So many times a song about strength, leaves me feeling closed and angry. Defensive. Andrea’s song does the opposite. It fills me with strength, while remaining open and loving. Hopeful. Like believing the sun will rise tomorrow, and getting up early to see it happen. A new fresh start, on a new fresh day.

The Strongest-Andrea Desmond
The Strongest-Andrea Desmond
Andrea Desmond

The song starts out with Andrea giving a soft, apologetic plea to her Source of Strength. Admitting her struggles, yet remaining open and hopeful that she will succeed. And the song continues on from there. A back and forth conversation, that fills her with strength. The continual affirmation that “ Baby, you’re the strongest one I know.”

As the song continues, the music broadens in its depth . A slow crescendo that builds and pulls your soul along with its journey.

The tempo itself, also builds courage. I was listening to it while out walking, and suddenly found myself hooking into a power stride. I kept hearing Andrea’s radiant voice encouraging me. A celestial coach, cheering me on to keep moving forward through whatever challenges I was experiencing. I loved the empowering lyrics “ The day has come that I take back my life.”

Andrea possesses the unique gift of being able to pull out honest emotions, and place them into a beautiful song. A healing and guiding voice, in a confusing world.

Andrea Desmond - The Strongest - cover
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“The Strongest” release date is June 26th