Andrew Landers

Andrew Lander’s “Whereabouts” CD Release

~ by Cindy Teixeira / Brown Bag Alley blog ~

Want to take a tour of United Stated in 63 minutes? Hey! It’s the 21st century, my friends, and between the advanced technology we enjoy daily and the brilliant insight of Andrew Landers, we can taste America in our minds as surely as if we spent the time and money to experience our national charms in person.

Andrew Landers is an Honest, American Treasure

Andrew Landers and mainstreet struggleville

“Whereabouts,” is the new disc Andrew Landers dropped on a standing room only house October 7.  I’ve been to quite a few shows at Louie G’s and enjoyed all of them, but there have only been a handful when the air crackled with eagerness BEFORE the show and then sparkled the entire night. Perhaps it was the shared experience of folks who knew they would witness exceptional grace on that legendary stage. Maybe it was synergy created by a naturally occurring, mutual love fest few artists are able to conjure like Andy does.

Not only did we hear songs from “Whereabouts,” he and the Mainstreet Struggleville, his band of musical brothers brought more joy into the universe that night. A well-oiled, happiness machine filled the air with sounds that raised everyone’s frequency. It was a lasting effect, too, because I can summon that feeling again when I listen to the disc in my car, at my desk, or on my earbuds while walking my uniquely American neighborhood. That, my friends, is magic.

I have a deep appreciation for an artist who shares the stage in the generous manner Andy does. His band, who he said never practices, can intuit his moves from a glance, a raised eyebrow, a nod, a smile. They take the music into, sustain and keep interesting a jam session that allows everyone to shine. Not only did he give his band a break while he continued the show, he invited other musicians onto the stage, as well as a guest sax player he met in the airport.

Photos by Rosie McPherson Photography

As a songwriter, Landers reveals truths about himself through his characters, and therefore, he’s telling us who we are. He tells our stories. We’re not perfect, but we’re connected and through his music, he teaches us to love and forgive ourselves and one another. When the story is sad, the joy steps aside for a moment, we feel our shared humanity. And then, with another measure of music, the happiness returns. I’m a big fan of Kris Kristofferson, so Andrew, to me, is on par with those who are able to hold up the mirror exposing us for the flaws we hold so tightly.

So “WHY IS THIS GUY NOT A BIG DEAL ALREADY?” Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels, Stephen Colbert—-DUDES, get this guy on your shows because America needs hope right now and Andrew Landers offers that and so much more.

    Having won the Seattle Jammin’ Challenge a two years ago, where he caught my attention with a delightfully fresh performance, Landers seem to have stayed in my radar and the more I know about him, the more I value the time I spend listening to his music and see him perform. I know what to expect and then he goes beyond.

    The depth and breadth of this collection of songs is deep, rich and connects us all. From the first song you hear him play, live or recorded, you can’t help but fall into the vortex of Landers Fandom. All you need is an appreciation for honesty. After all, Andrew Landers couldn’t be anything else, even if he tried.

    As Always, Thanks for playing!