Rust On The Rails “Talisman” Release Show at The Triple Door

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Sensational!…Rust On The Rails
Talisman” LP Release Show

When I first saw ROTR in 2014
in what may have been their very first live performance, I knew the collaboration between Cody Beebe and Blake Noble was going to be much more than a side project. Sunday night at The Triple Door proved that hunch to be correct.

Photos courtesy of Todd Hobert Photography
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Cody Beebe, Blake Noble and ROTR threw down the gauntlet and raised the bar for every other 2017 album release show by Northwest Bands. It was an absolutely superb sold-out show at The Triple Door. From the opening notes by Sarah Gerritsen & the Shadow Catchers until the last song by Rust on the Rails, with rich, gorgeous accompaniment by Andrew Joslyn’s Passenger String Quartet, the audience was enthralled. I am sure that “Talisman” is just the beginning of a long run for this unique combination.

Sarah Gerritsen and the Shadow Catchers opened, with beautiful haunting melodies and clear, emotional voices. Andrew Joslyn and the Passenger String Quartet continued, with only a very brief pause. Without pausing, Rust on The Rails appeared on stage, and opened with “Foolish Pride” backed by the Passenger String Quartet. The arrangement and the production were gorgeous and rich.

Continuing on, ROTR presented “Lost and Found” and “Every Little Thing”, with continued backing from the Passenger String Quartet. The combination of the American-Aussie-Roots-Rock and the strings was magical. With guitar and strong vocals from Beebe, plus guitar and Didgeridoo from Noble, with Eric Miller and Chris Lucier rounding out the rhythm section, Rust on The Rails is ready for a National audience.

Beebe then paused, and the Passenger String Quartet exited the stage. He welcomed the audience and introduced the band members one by one. The show then continued with “Trip”, “Abbott and Costello” and “Can You Feel It.” Notably, Beebe and Noble collaborated with songwriter and NBC’s ‘The Voice’ star Austin Jenckes on“Abbott and Costello.” A behind the scenes video about this remarkable collaboration can be seen here: 

Noble continued the show, and delighted the audience, with “Bundjalung”´and “Atlantis” playing his signature Didgeridoo and using his guitar as a percussion instrument. 

Beebe then delighted the audience with his gritty vocals on “Far Cry” and “Love and Lace.” What sets the ROTR music apart from other NW bands is the fact that each of the songs individually tells a story.

Andrew Joslyn re-joined ROTR on stage and Eric Miller switched to lead guitar for “Pelican” Then Sarah and ladies came back to the stage for “Play the Fool” and then followed by “Secrets,” the title piece for the ROTR official music video, which can be seen here: 

The encore, the jam session, which Noble called “The Australian Hoedown”, brought Sarah Gerritsen and The Shadow Catchers back on-stage as well, and the combination of all 3 melodious and different sounds together was spectacular. The audience showed their appreciation with a standing ovation, something rarely seen in the critical and discerning music audience in Seattle. 

With Talisman being such an astonishing and beautiful first full-length album, I expect to hear much more from Northwest power-house Rust on The Rails soon. And I also expect that the rest of the nation will quickly be enjoying their music. I’m looking forward to much more from this band.

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