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“The Seattle Music Scene Is Dead.”

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“The Seattle Music Scene Is Dead.”

~ by Jerad Squires / Pacific Drive (a Seattle band)** ~

“The Seattle Music Scene is Dead.”
I’ve heard that statement so many times that I have no choice but to address it.
1.) “Dead” and “Dormant” are two different things. And using either word to describe our music scene is not only incorrect, but it’s highly offensive to those who recognize that our music scene is constantly changing and breeding new sounds. Just cause that famous band or artist from X amount of years ago isn’t popping off anymore doesn’t mean our scene is dead, it means it’s changing. You know, Seattle Movement?
2.) When was the last time you gave a local artist a chance? If not going to their show, clicking a link? One link? Just cause their name isn’t Drake or Beyoncé doesn’t mean they don’t have the same creative substance and qualities that you’re looking for in music. You just haven’t given them a chance.
3.) Ever notice how the same people who say our scene is dead are the same ones who will “catch your next show”? Funny how that correlates.

4.) If you’re unhappy with the state of our local music scene (even though it’s brewing some incredible talent) and you’re waiting for permission, this is me politely giving you permission to get off your ass and support the people who are working to make a difference. Because the movement doesn’t stop when you say “Seattle music scene is dead”, you just fall off the movement is all.

So looking forward to tomorrow’s show (I know you’ve seen a poster, if not, check the comments). I’m ready to blow the roof off with IANA (I Am Not A), Dire Fire, Icarus The Owl, and The Mayors. Let’s get it. #SeattleMovement

**Jerad Squires is a member of the Seattle band, Pacific Drive, a 6 piece Alternative Hip-Hop band from Snohomish, WA. Drawing from genres such as rock, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and soul, PD offers a unique, unprecedented, and cohesive sound. Above all else, the greatest feature to our band is our horn section consisting of sax and trumpet, offering riffs and licks reminiscent of big band jazz.

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