Sea Monster Radio Show (Sunday 10:00am – 11:00am)

Sea Monster Radio

Hosted by: Mackenzie McAninch

Mackenzie McAninse

Sea Monster Radio is a radio show devoted to promoting the Seattle, WA music venue Sea Monster Lounge
and the many talented musicians who frequent the vicinity.
If you have ever spent much time at The Sea Monster, you would know that it’s an extremely community-based venue and
the fellowship in that club is thick. The below mentioned radio stations also believe in community deeply, hence the agreements in place.
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Sea Monster Radio show is broadcast on:

Sea Monster Radio show is broadcast on:
Seattle Wave Radio:

Streams On SWR:

Thursday 7:00 PM
Northwest Prime Channel


Streams On SWR:

Sunday 10:00 AM
Rock Channel

Episode #1 (Inaugural Show) 

featuring   Richie Aldente & Champagne Honeybee



Song Name


The True Loves No Sayers Famous Last Words
General Mojo’s The Valley How Hollow A Heart
Richie Aldente The Game Love’s Still The Thing
Spencer Glenn Band Fire’s Burning Fire’s Burning
Champagne Honeybee Last Smile Once In A Lifetime
Cedell Davis Rollin and Tubmlin Even The Devil Gets The Blues
Mason Turner and The Reign Summer Man Summer Man
Sherlock Soul I Don’t Want To Leave No album/ it’s a single
Mother of Pearl These Walls Our Love/These Walls
Wet City Rockers Rude Dude Confections
Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll Led Zeppeling 1V (Remastered)