Strangely Alright ~ Now Is The Time (Single)

Strangely Alright’s new single, “Now is the Time” offers a timeless missive of faith and confidence, urging us to make the world a better place while we live in uncertain times. From the subtle intro which grooves into view, the 80’s synth sound with an unforgettable hook, and Lane’s mastery of call and response raises the notion that love and peace are in fashion despite the negative images we see daily. It’s worth noting that singer Regan Lane’s songs are a reflection of his goodness. His optimism and gratitude, essential ingredients of SA’s power pop recipe are pure alchemy, creating a groovy hopeful message -- “Every little thing can change the world.” It’s an anthem that can slay demons, if you understand and believe “Now is the Time.”
Cindy Teixeira / Brown Bag Alley / Seattle Wave Radio

  • Strangely Alright - Now Is The Time