Sweetkiss Momma w/ Garrett & The Sheriffs and Scout

Venue: Tractor Tavern

Date: Sep 16 to Sep 16

Length: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Ticket Price: $8

$ 8.00 / Age 21 And Up

Proving that great Southern Rock comes as much from the soul as the place of birth, SweetKiss Momma (from Puyallup, WA, USA – just south of Seattle) has been releasing some of the most critically-acclaimed, and best-selling, independent American roots music over the last few years. They skillfully blend their gritty NW origins with county, blues, and gospel, to craft strikingly soulful rock-n-roll with a subtle Southern bend.
With multiple European tours under their belt, appearances at major events like Watershed, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and SXSW, and way too many honky-tonks and barrooms to count, the band has cultivated a loyal following, and are recognized internationally as “…the torch bearers of that southern rock sound that was created by the likes of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS AND LYNYRD SKYNYRD.” (Rock Hanger – USA)

“SweetKiss Momma’s authentically rural roots-rock is peppered with enough down-home thunderboogie to please even the hairiest/scariest Freebird fan.” (Classic Rock Magazine – UK)

“…flawless Southern Rock” (Rock Times – Germany)

“Southern soul-drenched rock & roll.” “Damn good, indeed!”
(Ctrl. Alt. Country – Belgium)

“…solid sound, backed with heavy guitar riffs, SweetKiss Momma is a group for those who like the old school of Southern Rock and Blues Rock.” (Southern Rock Spain – Spain)

“They may carry their retro influences proudly, but their music has depth, and branches out from southern tinged roots rock…”
(Get Ready To Rock – UK)

“…for lovers of good Southern Rock, half way between the Drive By Truckers and the Crowes. Classic songs but with a something, a feeling that causes the difference between them and the many bands of the style.” (Zapatos y Rock’n’Roll – Spain)

“North Americas best Southern Rock posse hail from the north, Puyallup, WA to be exact.” (Planet Fuzz – USA)

“…SweetKiss Momma succeeds at making blues, southern rock a near spiritual experience.” (Suite 101 – USA)

“…SweetKiss Momma offer gritty back porch, whiskey-dripping, southern rock charm.” “…With sound inspiration from past influences and terrific musicianship, SKM is the real deal.” (Dangerdog Music Reviews – USA)

Garrett and the Sheriffs:
A band born around a campfire. That is essentially what it comes down to when talking about Garrett and the Sheriffs. After working together at a beloved summer camp, Garrett Hendricks, Peter Erickson, Sarah Elder, and Danny Grasseschi formed Garrett and the Sheriffs out of a communal love of music. Now joined by keyboardist, Brian Reding, GATS has grown their sound. The birth of the band out of vivid summers spent in the great outdoors gives their music a rootsy grit and an organic soul which can be heard on their “Turn the Tide” debut and their new album, “Woodsmoke.”

“Garrett and the Sheriffs owe much to the prolific northwest folk scene. Per their bio, the band was “born around a campfire,” and their youthful, summer camp vibe is clear, playing off the current roots revival scene, blending bluegrass, folk, and four-on-the-floor rock and roll. Though they’ve previously put out an 8-track EP and a 16-track live album, Garrett and the Sheriffs have now captured their soulful, organic sound in a tidy package.” – Northwest Music Scene

“Drawing inspiration from Zac Brown Band, Johnny Cash, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and more, the band is taking the best elements of folk and Americana and seamlessly adding their own special touch to create Garrett & The Sheriffs.” – The Daily Krapht