7th Annual Seattle Wave Radio’s Jammin’ Challenge 2017

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Seattle

Location: Seattle

Date: Nov 18 to Nov 19

Length: 6:00 pm – 1:00 am

Ticket Price: $15

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Seattle Wave Radio's
7th Annual
Jammin' Challenge

~ Afton Prater ~
~ Carina’s Nebula ~
~ Enloe ~
~ Jet Force Gemini ~

Starting with 40 bands, these 4 bands have made it through 3 different elimination rounds,
with 3 different panels of judges.

They are now competing for over $18,000 in cash and prizes.

Get ready to PARTY! Come and enjoy the music, and VOTE for your favorite band!

VIP Doors at 6:00pm. VIP Tickets include: early admission; VIP swag bags with a $200. VIP Travel Club Card; special music by Play it Out Loud Band “Immediate Regret” plus a Band Meet and Greet with photo ops. (VERY LIMITED number available: these will SELL OUT FAST!)

G.A. Doors at 7:30pm

This Event is  21+

Music starts at 8:00 PM sharp!

The Final Four Bands who have made it through the 3 elimination rounds are
(in alphabetical order)

Afton Prater

Bremerton, WA

Country, Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Afton Marie Prater is a 19 year old Pop/Country Singer/Songwriter. Singing is her biggest hobby and her greatest passion. She loves songwriting and sharing her music with people!!

Afton has performed in front of an audience of over 30,000 people at Safeco Field and has opened for Josh Thompson, Kelsea Ballerini and Drake White. Afton performed at Century Link Field for radio pre function events for two Kenny Chesney concerts as well. Afton was awarded “Best EP Alternative Rock/Country” for her I Want a Truck EP and has had the title song featured throughout western Washington advertisements.

Afton’s success so far, the talent she’s developed, and the hard work she’s put in, has led her to release her latest singles “Barbed Wire”, “Old Soul”, “Hey Country Boy”, and “Wildfire”.  Working with Nashville record producer Sean Giovanni, Afton has continued to refine and develop her own unique sound. Afton has also recently signed with artist manager and former Universal Music Group executive Zach Scott of Fruitful Music Group.

Afton Prater

Winning song in the Elimination Rounds.

  • - I Want a Truck

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Carina's Nebula

Seattle, WA

Pop, Rock

Singer-songwriter Carina’s debut as a recording artist is the harvest of the hard work she has put in while developing her original music. Her premier CD, “July 28”, a 5-song EP of her original work, was released on July 28, 2016, accompanied by digital downloads of individual tracks and the full EP. Downloads were selling worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, Amazon, Google Play, and other sites prior to the release date. First day sales put her in the Top 100 on Amazon for all pop sales. “She’s a star!” – Greg Kodiak, DJ at KNCI, 101.5 FM, Sacramento, CA.

Carina’s songs are open explorations of her own life that manage to tap into universal experiences the way good songs always do: love and heartbreak, social observations, celebrations and laments that are familiar and recognizable to all, delivered with an indelibly passionate voice.

Carina is a multi-talented young woman with a voice that will capture your heart and soul. Her music is inspired by her experiences becoming a blend of pop, blues, folk and soul, reflective of the diverse artists she has listened to and been inspired by. Her voice alternately soars and recedes, much like any emotional expression does, creating a sultry and soulful delivery reflecting the heart of her work, and the heart she puts into it. Hitch a ride with this bright star and watch her fulfill her promise in years to come.

In addition to pursuing her own recording and performing career, Carina is a teacher at, as well as a co-founder (at age 13!) of PSKUSA, a successful Gig Harbor, Washington academy that teaches music-oriented performing arts to children ages 5-17. She is committed – and essential – to the school as well as to the development of its students.

Carina DeAngelo

Winning song in the Elimination Rounds

  • - Weight Of The World

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Seattle, WA

Alternative, Rock

Taylor Enloe’s “Farewell To Blackened Days” is a skillfully executed song, that shows the truth behind Taylor’s work as a musician. Beautiful guitar riffs, accompanied by his powerful vocals.  I felt like I was seeing the real Taylor. I was curious to know more of his background and his relationship with music. I had heard he was self-taught, which I thought was fascinating. That takes a lot of drive and determination, to teach yourself an instrument.  So, I asked him to write a little bit about himself. It always helps to understand where an artist is coming from, when you know the road they have traveled.

I started playing guitar when I was 11, after hearing ‘Voodoo” by Jimi Hendrix. My grandfather bought me my first acoustic and I started teaching myself from there. After moving to Gig Harbor, WA from Stockton, CA when I was 13, my brother and I shared our first electric guitar. Dad had given it to us for Christmas. That year I got really into the band Rage Against the Machine, and would come home every day after school to jam out to their albums.   Shortly after High School began, my brother introduced me to Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Randy Rhoads’ tribute album. And, that completely changed my life. I became obsessed with metal and shred guitar.

When I was 15, my brother and I started our first band, Wilde Thunder (RIP Alex J. Kelley). It was kind of like hair metal on steroids. After a year of that, a few friends and I started our next band, Sword of Judgement. We were thrash metal, very much in the wheel house of bands like Megadeath and Overkill. We were together for a little over 4 years and played a lot in Seattle, opening for many national heavy metal bands.

In 2011, I went on a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico and committed my life to Jesus. After that, I felt like I was being called to ministry and began leading worship at church. Late last year I decided to pursue my own music again and recorded my first EP “Been Here Before” and have only recently returned to the music scene after finally finding my dream band. Along the way, I got asked to join Grieve The Astronaut with Raymond Hayden, which has been an absolute blast. I am also doing solo gigs with my wife and leading worship on Sunday’s, whenever possible.”

Excerpt from MUSIC  BLOGGER:


Winning song in the Elimination Rounds

  • - Farewell To Blackened Days

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Jet Force Gemini

Portland, OR

High Energy Pop Punk meets Hard-Hitting Modern Rock.

Portland based pop-punk quartet Jet Force Gemini was formed in 2011 in when Michael Christopher (vocals and guitar) and Roman Bilko (guitar) merged two distinctly different backgrounds to create a unique blend  of modern punk and pop melodies with progressive rock and metal guitar stylings. The band, which also features Nathan Hocker (drums) have been an established part of the Portland music scene for the last six years.

In 2014 the band released their debut album Pistola Melodica off their own budget and through the support of crowd-funding, this 12 song album would act as the foundation for the Band’s unique balance of styles.
Their sophomore follow-up Dive Eternity, which was saw a release in the fall of 2017, took the precedent set by Pistola Melodica and made it markedly larger.

Dive Eternity showcases the Band’s ability to weave these uniquely different styles into a compelling, 14 track album in which each song is distinctly it’s own. Their first single, ‘Triumphant’, blends an power pop anthem-like chorus with orchestral string arrangements. Their second single, ‘Monsters’ is on the opposite of the spectrum, pushing heavy guitar work and gritty vocals that prove the band is more than capable of bringing out the heavy artillery. This song culminates in a djent breakdown followed by Bilko’s now signature rapid fire guitar solos.

With a third album already in the works, Jet Force Gemini continues to break new ground with their work.

Jet Force Gemini

Winning song in the Elimination Rounds

  • - Monsters

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