Wanz ~ When If Not Now (Single release)

Stepping out from “I’m gonna pop some tags…”, Wanz brings a fresh sound and voice to music. Familiar, yet different from the main stream.

“When If Not Now”  is a song inspired by events following the shooting in Parkland, Fl. USA; and, raises the question we should ask ourselves about social change.

Michael Wanzley

When If Not Now – Wanz

Do we wake up just to stand alone
One is such a lonely number
Will we give up being on our own
And start fighting together

What’s this world comin’ to
Can’t get my mind around it
All the things we go through
Ev’ryday another crisis

Wonder where I fit in
Where’s my place among the people
When will we begin
To save ourselves from evil

Can you tell me when if not now
When will this ever end
Can you tell me when if not now
When will the change begin