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Vanowen has a classic rock sound in the vein of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and the like with a modern edge.

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The band members come from a variety of bands that have recorded for major labels, indie labels and extensive touring throughout the world. Coming from Seattle the music reflects aspects of the Seattle sound with the band members influences scattered throughout the songs. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, and a host of others. Of course coming from Seattle the guys have played in and with many well known and less known bands in the Seattle area and are joined by friends from the Seattle scene. Bands like Widow, Maurice and the Cliches, Missionary Position, The Posies, The Fastbacks and more are all represented. You can hear their influences throughout the record. The music is rock with a pop edge. Listen for 60s, 70s 80s (yes our singer loves Van Halen) and beyond influences throughout the record.