The Gothard Sisters ~ Midnight Sun

About the Gothard Sisters

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic group of three sisters from the Pacific Northwest, USA, whose impressive array of talents have set them apart as one of the most refreshing and compelling acts in contemporary Celtic music today.

The sisters’ unpredictable and theatrical flair brings a youthful splash to the time-honored tradition of Celtic folk music, bridging the gap between classical, folk, Celtic, world, and roots influences with a sunny, optimistic-style that has been described as “beautifully arranged, melodic-minded Celtic folk-pop.”

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“The Gothard Sisters’ command over traditional and original material alike are striking chords with a wide audience.  They accomplish none of this through taking shortcuts or pandering to a modern sensibility; instead, sincerity is their byword.”  –  Skope Magazine, 2016

Midnight Sun

The album will be released worldwide on May 4th, 2018, and will be available on all digital, physical and streaming platforms.
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Here their full “Midnight Sun” album now playing on the following  Seattle Wave Radio  channels:
Northwest Prime channel
Lifestyle channel
Acoustic channel

Midnight Sun is the first fully self-penned album released by the Gothard Sisters.  The songs on the album feature a contemporary Celtic-folk style and include songs written about being on the road, about traveling and adventuring (Wandering, Midnight Sun, Hummingbird and Elderflower March) as well as the other side of traveling, which is being homesick and longing to go home (Colors of Home, Mazama Mornings.)  There are songs that tell stories of being at sea (Bells on the Hill, Mermaids) as well as songs that are new takes on traditional topics and rhymes (Rose, Marie, and Heather, Cat and the Fiddle.)

The album also features a guest appearance and collaboration with New Age pianist Michele McLaughlin on the instrumental track, When the Rain Falls.  Michele is one of the top-played musicians on Pandora and is well known for her beautiful solo piano music, which is relaxing and soothing to thousands of listeners worldwide.  The collaborative result is a beautiful mixture of solo piano and folk instruments.

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