Strangely Alright ~ All Of Us Are Strange (Single release)

Strangely Alright’s new single/video “All Of Us Are Strange” is very simply about realizing that we all deserve a place and a choice in this universe. “It appears to me the landscape for all sides has turned into a finger pointing, fearful blame game,” say SA front man Regan Lane. “We wanted to do something that sounded and looked like the world we hope someday we all can live in. Where the diversity and quirks that of all of us have can be embraced rather than feared and we can work together to make this world better, even when things are a bit messy…Maybe a bit unrealistic, but never the less something to aspire too.”

“All Of Us Are Strange” opens with some Who like la la’s, dream like distorted vocal that drifts into “Strawberry Fields” territory, and a hooky, crunchy guitar chorus that may make you want to sing along “Uh oh, the world’s a mess, Uh oh oh we do our best, All Of Us Are Strange, but we’re alright”. A great Sean Van Dommelen guitar solo takes everything up a notch and just like that you’re back to singing that damn catchy chorus.