Karma (Single release)

Northern Shakedown

“ ‘Karma’, the new single from neo-soul rockers, Northern Shakedown, now available!”

Northern Shakedown is proud to present their latest single, “Karma”, from the band’s upcoming Vibrations EP . The track builds upon their past releases with the help of producer Bubba Jones (Shabazz Palaces, Digable Planets), riding on a wave of hip-hop and r&b groove. Released on May 26th, 2017, the song is now available on all major music platforms and streaming services.
“Karma” shares a story of inner struggle, of contradiction, and a realization that some problems are brought upon ourselves. The message revolves around a man whose heartbreak at the end of a relationship turns to introspection. After admitting that he “played the game with no shame” and recalls mistakes that he made, he begins to see how karma always seems to find a way back.


“Karma” is the single off of Northern Shakedown’s upcoming Vibrations EP . The 6-track record will be released later this Summer. The band worked with renowned producer Bubba Jones over the course of 2016 and have emerged more inspired and focused than ever before.

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